Globalist Pro-Iran U.S. Media Asks Questions of Secretary Pompeo, Exposing Themselves as Supporters of Iran & Not America – 1/7/2020

Listen to this video.  Every word uttered by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is pro-America. Every question from the media exposes their bias and traitorous support for our enemies.  This is the media and democrat party.

The goal is to box in Iran. Striking Soleimani was a huge part of this move. Iran had trained between 75,000 and 145,000 Iraqi paramilitary forces for Soleimani to use at will. Removing Soleimani’s leadership sets back those plans. Secretary Pompeo


Secretary Pompeo Said:  Pompeo also revealed that economic pressure is working. Iran has a bad budget shortfall and is struggling to figure out how to make it through 2020.

The U.S. pull-out in Afghanistan is at stake, too.  Pompeo said Iran today is “actively working to undermine the peace process,” a big deal given Iran’s support to the Taliban and other insurgent groups, which is run via Iran’s 572-mile border with Afghanistan.

Iran has threatened the U.S. that they plan to retaliate.  As of the writing of this post, Iran has attacked two of our U.S. Bases in Iraq.

The Media is pro Iran vs. America.  NBC’s Andrea Mitchell wanted a discussion on war crimes?  Secretary Pompeo said that “Every action we take will be consistent with the rule of law”.

Secretary Pompeo was ticked at the questions from the Media for they exposed their bias and alluded to U.S. wrong doing. A mention was made about the U.S. seeking to damage Persian culture.  His most important answer was this:

Secretary Pompeo “Let me tell you who’s doing damage to the Persian culture. It’s not the U.S. It’s the Ayatollah.”

Source: Fox News