Iran Launched Missiles Towards U.S. Forces in Iraq – 1/7/2020

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Breaking:  Pentagon confirms “Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles against the U.S. military and coalition forces in Iraq. Pentagon confirmed that these were surface-to-surface ballistic missile attacks.”

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The President is authorized to react accordingly.  He is watching, being briefed and deciding what will happen and when.  The Congress has no authority to be briefed as to what action the President will be taking.  President Trump is showing great restraint in the midst of being attacked.

Iran has been attacking America for decades.  Now, acting like they are the victims and they call it self-defense.

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The people of Iran hate their government.  They have asked to be armed to stand up to their government.  Just now on Fox News.

The Iranians created Hezbollah and it is a real threat to Israel.  They threatened us again saying they will hit a place we love if we retaliate.  America may not retaliate in the same way as Iran has. We might take other more covert manner.  President Trump will speak tomorrow morning.