United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation (USMCA) Act Passes the Senate -89-10 – 1/16/2020 -“Promises Made-Promises Kept – Trump”

Today, Thursday, January 16, 2020: President Trump Won Again!

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation (USMCA) passed the Senate 89-10. Promises were made, and Promises were Kept by President Trump, as always!  We can trust this President! 

Wilbur Ross said tonight on Lou Dobbs:  This USMCA combined with the China Trade Deal will give the United States over $2 Trillion of Bilateral Trade that has been changed.  It is the size of our whole economy.  Everybody in the world is aware of it.  It strengthens our trade with Japan.  Trump’s economic base is solidified.  He said that a Recession next year is mechanically impossible, unless the Fed raises their rates.  Two years ago, President Trump laid out his plans and he can now say:  It all worked!   President Trump has changed trade.  He has also changed who pays us for defending them, Nato.  Just like another trade deal for America.

INTRODUCTION:  BY VICE PRESIDENT of the United States, Michael R. Pence

As vice president I’ve had the opportunity to travel all across this country and meet Americans from all walks of life. Literally everywhere I go, the American people tell me that they couldn’t be more proud of the progress that this country has made under the leadership of President Donald Trump.

As a candidate, the president promised to fight for policies that put American jobs and American workers first, and from the first days of this administration, he has delivered. As a result, today America is stronger and more prosperous than ever before.

Since the day Trump was elected, businesses large and small have created 7 million American jobs. Wages are rising at the fastest pace in 10 years, and disposable income for the average American household has skyrocketed by more than $5,000 a year.

Trump has achieved these results in the face of historic obstruction. Rather than focusing on the needs of the people they were elected to represent, congressional Democrats have spent the last three years on endless investigations in an attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

Despite their partisan impeachment, Trump has remained focused on how to keep our economy growing, and he negotiated the largest trade deal in American history, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

The U.S. International Trade Commission says that within five years, the USMCA could add up to $235 billion in new economic growth and 589,000 jobs to the U.S. economy.

The USMCA will put in place the strongest and most comprehensive labor protections of any trade agreement in American history.

The USMCA will also remove unfair restrictions on America’s farmers so they can sell more products to Canada.

And finally, the deal’s new rules on intellectual property will better protect American businesses and innovators, and will serve as a template for future trade deals.

The USMCA makes a strong statement to the world that the era of U.S. economic surrender is over, and that if other countries want access to the most prosperous economy in the history of the world, then they have to give American workers access to their markets, too.

Source:  The White House

The new United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement includes key victories for American manufacturers, agriculture, businesses, and workers.

BUSINESS INSIDER: Trump’s New Trade Deal with Canada and Mexico is Winning Early Praise

“Early reviews of President Donald Trump’s new trade pact with Mexico and Canada are positive … The refreshed version of NAFTA will include increased labor protections for workers, increased standards for duty-free auto shipments, increased access to the Canadian dairy market for US farmers, and a slight tweak to the deal’s dispute-resolution system.”

FOX BUSINESS: US Stocks Surge as US, Canada, Mexico Reach Trade Deal

“Stocks surged Monday as Canada and the U.S. reached a trade deal that also includes Mexico, and key changes at the top of major corporations boosted investor sentiment.”

THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Trump Trade Deal with Canada, Mexico Gets American Farmers’ Stamp of Approval

“The Trump administration’s new three-way trade deal to replace NAFTA got a thumbs-up from American farmers. Americans for Farmers & Families spokesman Casey Guernsey, a seventh-generation farmer, said the three-way deal showed Mr. Trump remembered his promise ‘to stand up for rural America. … After years of declining income and months of trade uncertainty, farmers desperately needed a win, and today the Trump administration delivered it,’ he said. ‘While eager to learn the details, I hope that Congress will use this positive momentum to bring this important agreement over the finish line.’”

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Canada Gave Ground on the Key Issue of Dairy in New Trade Agreement

“Canada gave ground to the U.S. in the North American Free Trade Agreement replacement deal agreed to Sunday by rolling back protections for its domestic dairy industry, providing a victory to American farmers on one of the key points of negotiation.”

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: New NAFTA Shows Trump’s Trade Strategy for Balancing Labor, Business Interests

“The Teamsters have nice things to say about the new North American Free Trade Agreement. Big banks can also claim a victory. … Many labor officials say they’ve been pleasantly surprised with strong language in the agreement pushing Mexico to bolster its unions, including protecting ‘the right to strike.’ American unions have argued that the lack of such provisions in the original NAFTA meant the pact encouraged factories to relocate south of the border in search of cheaper workers.”

NEW YORK POST EDITORIAL BOARD: NAFTA 2.0: Trump Delivers on Another Big Promise

“[I]t’s hard to argue with the result: Trump has once again delivered on a campaign promise that his rivals called a fantasy. A politician who does what he says he’ll do: Imagine that.”


“Apparently those hard-line tactics worked, and the president appears well within his right to chalk this up as a victory. Though details were still being finalized for release, it appears that American farmers will secure greater access to Canadian dairy markets…”


“Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or an independent, you should welcome President Trump’s announcement of the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, on Monday. A replacement for NAFTA, the USMCA will increase U.S. access to Canadian markets and ensure greater centering of the car industry in North America.”


“The USMCA framework showcases the practical genius of our negotiator and entrepreneur-in-chief, President Trump.  Unlike the lawyers and bureaucrats who dominate most high political offices, as a global businessman Trump implicitly understands the predicament that American workers and firms face competing against a commercially abusive China.”

CHRISTIAN WHITON ON FOX NEWS: Trump Has Just Revolutionized Global Trade by Replacing NAFTA with USMCA

“Trump administration negotiators reached a major agreement with Canada on trade over the weekend.  The breakthrough, which came on the heels of an earlier deal with Mexico, vindicates President Trump’s tough approach to reforming trade and will mark a fundamental turning point for American jobs and global power.”

LIZ PEEK IN THE HILL: Trump’s ‘America First’ Policy Scores a Big Win with New NAFTA Deal

“The new NAFTA, which will be called the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), secured some advantages for the U.S. while also giving in to certain Canadian priorities. … More broadly, the new NAFTA shows the world that the Trump White House may succeed in bringing home better trade pacts.”

Senate Passed, 89-10: H.R.5430, United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation Act (USMCA)

The Senate voted 89-10 to clear the bill for Trump’s signature. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, who negotiated the deal, watched the vote from the public gallery.






DELIVERING AS PROMISED: President Donald J. Trump is keeping his promise to deliver a modern and rebalanced trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

  • President Trump has negotiated a new United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA), which will benefit American workers and businesses where North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has failed.
  • For years, politicians have called for the renegotiation of NAFTA, but President Trump is following through where others have failed.
  • This new agreement will update and rebalance the 24-year-old NAFTA with modern provisions to serve the interests of American workers and businesses.

BENEFITTING BUSINESSES, FARMERS, AND WORKERS: President Trump has secured a number of wins for American businesses and workers in USMCA.

  • The Administration worked closely with partners to create a better deal that advances the interests of American workers, farmers, ranchers, and businesses.
  • American auto manufacturers and workers will benefit from new rules of origin requiring 75 percent of auto content to be produced in North America.
    • The new agreement will incentivize billions of dollars in additional United States vehicle and auto parts production.
    • Workers will also benefit from rules that will incentivize the use of high-wage manufacturing labor in the auto sector, supporting better jobs for American workers.
  • USMCA’s labor chapter represents the strongest labor provisions of any trade agreement.
    • USMCA’s labor chapter is a core part of the agreement and will make the labor provisions fully enforceable.
  • USMCA is a win for American farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness as it includes important improvements that will enable food and agriculture to trade more fairly.
    • Canada will eliminate its “Class 7” program that allows low-priced dairy ingredients to undersell American dairy products.
    • Canada will provide new access for American dairy products, eggs, and poultry.

MODERNIZING OUR TRADE RELATIONSHIP: USMCA will bring our trade relationship with Canada and Mexico into the 21st century.

  • NAFTA failed to keep up with the United States’ changing economy.
    • For years, NAFTA rules have helped incentivize offshoring, leading many manufacturing jobs to leave the United States.
  • The new agreement includes a modernized, high-standard chapter that provides strong protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.
    • This includes 10 years of data protection for biologic drugs and a large scope of products eligible for protection.
  • USMCA contains the strongest measures on digital trade of any agreement.
    • This includes rules to ensure data can be transferred cross-border and to minimize limits on where data can be stored.



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