LIVE STREAMS: Senate Impeachment Trial – Trump Team Continues Defense of Our President – Washington, D.C. – 1/28/2020

President Donald Trump’s legal team will wrap up their opening arguments on Tuesday in the president’s impeachment trial.


President Trump’s DEFENSE ATTORNEYS ARE due to wrap up their case.

Senate members are working on whether or not they should call witnesses like John Bolton to testify in the trial. The debate over witnesses started to ramp up over the weekend when news broke that a draft of Bolton’s forthcoming book says the president told him he didn’t want to release aid to Ukraine without an investigation into the Bidens.

The president and his team have denied those claims, but news of the manuscript was enough for a few Senate Republicans to say they may break rank and vote with Democrats to call new witnesses in the trial. At least four Republicans would need to join Democrats in order for witnesses to be called.

Once the president’s legal team wraps up on Tuesday, the topic of witnesses is expected to be brought up again on the Senate floor.


Source: FoxNews40