LIVE FROM DC: Impeachment Trial, Day 2 of Questioning – January 30, 2020

DAY 2 of Impeachment Trial – Senators ask Questions of President Trump’s legal defense team and the House managers.



Alan Dershowitz Transcript on battle over Witnesse

Democrats’ have failed to provide any evidence for their case.  They provide speculation, presumptions, assumptions, hearsay.  The Democrat case is a reflection of a rushed case without evidence, without truth, bogus.  Democrats impeached our president on lies and now they want everyone in America to believe and follow them into a bottomless pit in order to remain in CONTROL.

The Democrats’ articles of impeachment do not allege a crime.  Using impeachment against someone they never wanted to win, even though the elections were rigged to help the democrats, is using the House as a weapon with its inherent power of impeachment.  Democrat’s know they can’t win.

  • There was no quid pro quo on the July 25 phone call;

  • Ukraine President Zelensky said there was no pressure;

  • Ukraine did not know on July 25 that the aid was delayed; and

  • The aid was given to Ukraine within the fiscal year for which it was appropriated.

Articles of Impeachment FAIL TO ALLEGE A CRIME or IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE.  Sorry Democrats, your Vaudeville STUNTS do not IMPRESS AMERICA.