Who Controls NY State and Going After the NYPD? Democrat Socialists Inspired by De Blasio or Cuomo Rhetoric? Or, Soros and Foreign Nationals Illegally in the U.S.? 2/10/2020


We keep watching New York State (NYC) getting worse with crime rising daily.  Used to go there all the time.  Not safe anymore. NYPD Police Officers keep dying at the hands of criminals and illegal aliens.  If criminals think they can get away with disrespecting, killing the NYPD who carry guns and can defend themselves, what will happen to U.S. Citizens? What is De Blasio doing to New York? People are dying and he is doing what? Does he want total chaos, no police?  For Police to quit?  Does De blasio want Anarchy?

Where is New York AG Tisha James?  Where does this stop?  Where was she when the NYPD was having water thrown on them while being attacked? What is going on in NY’s sanctuary state?  President Trump is demanding New York protect their cops and blames the “weak leadership” of Bill De Blasio and Andrew Cuomo after two officers were shot in back-to-back attacks in 12 hours.  

The NYPD are expected to do their job with their hands tied behind their backs.  Well, no more.  They are fighting back.  They are communicating their disgust with clear tweets to De Blasio and asking POTUS Trump to go after Socialist George Soros. Yes, Soros, the one who is behind all this hate and killing in America.

AMERICA’S PATRIOTS KNOW WHO IS BEHIND THIS.  George Soros a/k/a Gyorgy Schwartz. He funds riots, attacks, controls voting machines, puppeteers the Media and Social Media, funds all the work against President Trump and puppeteers the left in the House and Senate to go against America’s vision of what America should be.  Why are we allowing this WWII NATURALIZED CITIZEN to keep his U.S. Citizenship? He is working against America for its Destruction?  ARE Cuomo and De Blasio UNDER Soros CONTROL?  We think an investigation into this would uncover a rat’s nest of Biblical Proportions.


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His Open Society Foundation (OSF) operates in 100 nations. They’ve spent more than $13 billion dollars under the guise of developing democracies, improving education, reforming criminal justice, ensuring public health and developing social justice platforms. As reported by Humanevents.com, OSF investments in America include Acorn, Planned Parenthood, Southern Poverty Law Center, National Organization for Women, the Huffington Post and Media Matters, to name a few. Soros also helped jump start Barak Obama’s presidential campaign, he gave millions to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 race and also funds the Center for American Progress – the think tank that Jon Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager, oversees. 

Soros doesn’t let a crisis go to waste. As reported by the Washington Times, Soros donated $33 million dollars to help local activists ferment racial division in Ferguson, Missouri, an action that transformed “a one day criminal event into a 24-hour -a- day national cause celebre.” The OSF recently gave $10 million to “confront hate” in the U.S. plus another $500 million for “migrants, refugees and host communities.” More hate and division is the goal.

Soros believes the United States should become subservient to global rules, including the false global warming/carbon paradigm. He has also invested in Monsanto and a lab in Sierra Leone that created a CDC patented Ebola strain. Humanevents.com readers call the billionaire Soros ““the single most destructive leftist demagogue in the country.”

Source:  Newstarget.com

Click here to watch Glenn Beck’s 3 Part feature on George Soros and his connections and evil plans for America:

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Soros has his hands in all OUR THINGS AMERICA.  Voting, Media, Social Media, tring to take control over federal police.  This guy is totally out of control and we have been living this nightmare forever because of him and those working with him.  Soros seems to have his hands in the Trump impeachment before, during and after the 2016 election.



SOROS IS ALSO INVOLVED IN UKRAINE! Where is this all going to end? Soros is weakening America and wants it to become Socialist like him and the WWII Europe he seemed to love.

Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio believe in sanctuary policies that place U.S. Citizens in danger of theft, rape, crime, death, torture, sex/human trafficking.  In fact, sanctuary policies place criminals and illegal criminal aliens above U.S. Citizens who are subject to U.S. Law and who pay taxes and the salaries of all city/state workers. U.S. Citizens are forced to fund the lives of the very illegals and criminals that threaten them.  THIS IS CRIMINAL!

Fox News:  New York City’s sanctuary city policy is again under fire after an illegal immigrant, who was released from NYPD custody in November despite a plea from federal immigration officials to hold him, is alleged to have gone on to sexually assault and murder a 92-year-old woman.

“There has been a complete breakdown of law & order in New York City,” Acting Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf tweeted Wednesday. “NYC proudly passed sanctuary city laws & bragged about it for months. But now they, & more importantly, the citizens of NYC are facing the deadly consequences of the sanctuary policies.” Acting Secretary Chad Wolf

Gov Cuomo’s New York is the only state to shut off @cpb access to DMV records to help catch illegal alien criminals.  This places New York citizens in danger of becoming victims to crimes. New York City residents pay taxes to the state to TO BE PROTECTED!

Now, Gov Cuomo said he is suing the Trump Administration after the Department of Homeland Security decided to ban New York from its “Trusted Traveler Program”. This law allows UNDOCUMENTED illegals to apply for U.S. Driver’s Licenses. Cuomo is mad as hell and we guess for a good reason.  He can’t have illegals without licenses vote in the November elections.  Too bad for him.  Here is DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf speaking on the crack down of the illegal sanctuary policy in New York State. 

Terrence K. Williams, youtube conservative superstar and communicator spoke up about the two assassination attempts on NYPD officers, asking Mayor De Blasio what he plans to do about it?  America is disgusted.  This is inhuman and evil.  The NYPD make New York a safe place to visit and live.  But since De Blasio and Governor Cuomo changed NY’s laws to an illegal sanctuary policy in New York State, NY is no longer a safe place.

Who is holding Barack Obama ACCOUNTABLE and His ADMINISTRATION OF GANGSTERS that started hate against the Police in America with Lies?  

Take a look at the post from Twitter below and read the hate that has been fostered by the Socialist liberals in New York and all those from the deep state who want us divided by color, race, etc.  Here is what is really going on in New York State and DiBlasio just keeps dumping on the NYPD. Read this and the hate allowed on Twitter towards New York’s finest!  Not from conservatives who are banned for speaking up for America, but by the worst in society.  Read it and see.  Could you work under those circumstances?  What is the solution?  Who is vetting those entering NY?  If you are not a U.S. citizen, or legal Resident, what allegiance do you have for the United States and why are you here? U.S. Citizens, we demand to know!  NY is a melting pot and a total mess.  This is not Our America where law and order are key to keep this society working together.  This is not right, not legal and we are fed up!  My Opinion


A developing story:  Attorney General William Barr announcing the Department of Justice’s plans to sue New Jersey and King County, Washington, due to its sanctuary city policies. Hopefully, this will happen in NY State.


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