Deep State Soros Media ORGANIZED CAMPAIGN and Social Media Lie to You America! – Ask The Q – #wwg1wga


If you listen to the Left’s media they sound like imbeciles! They are given the script to spew, like dummies, by puppeteer George Soros! They have sold their souls to a foreign agent to lie to AMERICA. The deep state, as we have come to know it, is still trying to unseat our duly elected President Trump and continue WITH business as usual. Selling America behind our backs, to the highest bidder to get rich, to remain in control and to enslave those they despise, the everyday U.S. Citizen.

The Media follows a SCRIPT that they want you to believe.  Half the country is either too lazy or too complicit to vet these lies.  Social media bans Conservatives that stand for God, Family, Country.  The Media (print, broadcast, social) consider us country bumpkins or awkward, simpleton, rustic hillbillies.  What they don’t realize is that those of us who Love America, we are the same people who established America, who founded America and built it up.  These elites are a dime a dozen.  Labels don’t hurt everyday Americans, Traitors do.  WE ARE GOD-FEARING, Country loving, Flag waving Trump Supporters who do all the work in America and Pay the taxes.  The Left are those who siphon our hard EARNED TAX DOLLARS while they call us names, AND WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO SERVE US! Not the other way around! Now, we are no longer alone. We have a True Leader Patriot President who loves America, all (U.S. Citizen/Legal Residents) Americans, no matter where you were born, your color, sex or religion.

“Q” is a public dissemination program utilizing anonymous online posting boards such as 4chan and 8chan as a back channel to give the public information while still protecting national security.  QMAP.PUB give us drops that we research and vet and KEEPS US IN THE KNOW about what is happening or is about to happen. The Media have become useless and injurious to National Security. They have used this forum to pit Americans against each other.  And, we have all seen it and it is not THE AMERICAN WAY.

“The American people decided to take over the idea of information, THEY TOOK OVER the idea of information and they did it through social media.  General Flynn 

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“Hungary Victorious”

Soros “The Black Hand”



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