Democrats Have lost their Minds – 2/25/2020

Democrats don’t hide it anymore. They ARE full fledged Socialists who sound like the voices of the pre-WWI Germany. As Mark Meadows says here: They don’t hide it anymore. Democrats have lost their way. They do not represent the everyday American family who gets up every day, says a prayer, goes to work, pays their bills, takes care of their children that they lovingly gave birth to. If democrats take over the White House, Our dreams for a bright future, our lives as we know will cease to exist.

These are the democrats who are running for President:  

Bloomberg admits he BOUGHT seats!


As President Trump always says: We are taking our Country back from very bad people. We are the patriots of the new American revolution. It is on us to stand up and sacrifice it all for America’s future.  

While President Trump is working non-stop to bring America back from the brink of destruction, Communist Bernie Sanders praises Fidel Castro, a ruthless dictator who killed thousands and separated Cuban families.  Sanders forgets the firing squads that killed thousands. 

BERNIE SANDERS draws criticism from the Cuban community regarding this praising a MURDEROUS DICTATOR who killed his own people and destroyed Cuba:   


The Five speaks about Bernie Sanders:


CASTRO WAS A DICTATOR and a murderous tyrant. Maria Elvira Salazar she speaks out against Bernie Sanders’ commentary on Castro:

And former President Obama believes this:


During the 2020 Democratic Party presidential debates, Tom Steyer said this:



We will not allow America to be destroyed. We will vote Trump 2020. This Patriot is saving our country for our children’s future.

In Memory:


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