The media colludes to tell us Lies and this is what they say! 4/23/2020


The deep state is destroying our country, our liberties under the U.S. Constitution!

Very Interesting exchange Caught on (GST HOT MIC) between FAKE NEWS
@FoxNews @johnrobertsFox and a FAKE NEWS Tech at Todays White House Press Briefing! by Golden State Times
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Definition of ’liberty’  Encyclopaedia Britannica

Liberty, a state of freedom, especially as opposed to political subjection, imprisonment, or slavery. Its two most generally recognized divisions are political and civil liberty.

Civil liberty is the absence of arbitrary restraint and the assurance of a body of rights, such as those found in bills of rights, in statutes, and in judicial decisions. Such liberty, however, is not inconsistent with regulations and restrictions imposed by law for the common good. Political liberty consists of the right of individuals to participate in government by voting and by holding public office. Since the proletarian and socialist movements and the economic dislocations after World War I, liberty has been increasingly defined in terms of economic opportunity and security. In Anglo-American countries liberty has often been identified with constitutional government, political democracy, and the orderly administration of common-law systems.


What if COVID19 is the same as 9/11.  Bushes & CHENEY colluded WITH the deep state and gave us 9/11 to enslave us under the Patriot Act.  Covid is being used to institute surveillance under the guise of a pandemic. This is just another way to execute, control, destroy, surveil America and soon using 5G TERMINATE US.