President Trump Makes a Statement on Veto of S.J. Res. 68 – The White House – 5/6/2020

Democrats want to win 2020 at all cost to America, to U.S. Citizens, to our rights and due process.  They presented our President with a Resolution in order to TIE HIS HANDS when it comes to Iran.  President Trump wants nothing to do with war in general and specifically with Iran and Democrats know that.  He is working to rebuild America to the benefit of U.S. Citizens.  President Trump knows the deep state, with the help of Democrats, is trying to manufacture a war in order to destroy the growth path this President has prepared for America.  Whenever possible, President Trump works extremely hard to amicably resolve situations with other countries. Trump does not believe that war is good for anyone, when sanctions can handle the situation to the benefit of our Republic.

Democrats also know that President Trump cannot divulge his intelligence briefings to the world that show the reasons behind his reactions and once in a while, his need to defend America.


S.J.Res.68 – A joint resolution to direct the removal of United States Armed Forces from hostilities against the Islamic Republic of Iran that have not been authorized by Congress.116th Congress (2019-2020) |

Statement from the President Regarding Veto of S.J. Res. 68

Issued on:

Today, I vetoed S.J. Res. 68, which purported to direct me to terminate the use of United States Armed Forces in hostilities against Iran.  This was a very insulting resolution, introduced by Democrats as part of a strategy to win an election on November 3 by dividing the Republican Party.  The few Republicans who voted for it played right into their hands.

In addition, S.J. Res. 68 is based on misunderstandings of facts and law.  Contrary to the resolution, the United States is not engaged in the use of force against Iran.  Four months ago, I took decisive action to eliminate Qassem Soleimani while he was in Iraq.  Iran responded by launching a series of missiles at our forces stationed in Iraq.  No one was killed by these attacks.  Further, the strike against Soleimani was fully authorized by law, including by the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 and Article II of the Constitution.

Finally, S.J. Res. 68 would have greatly harmed the President’s ability to protect the United States, its allies, and its partners.  The resolution implies that the President’s constitutional authority to use military force is limited to defense of the United States and its forces against imminent attack.  That is incorrect.  We live in a hostile world of evolving threats, and the Constitution recognizes that the President must be able to anticipate our adversaries’ next moves and take swift and decisive action in response.  That’s what I did!

Congress should not have passed this resolution.



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