President met with Texas Gov Greg Abbott – Makes Comments regarding General Flynn’s Case being dismissed – 5/7/2020

President Trump made comments regarding the General Flynn Case.

Trump said that General Flynn was an innocent man, a great gentleman.  He was targeted by the Obama administration to try and take DOWN a President.  A big price should be paid.  What the Obama administration did never happened in the history of our country.  These people are human scum. This should never happen in this country.  They went after him by going after some fine people.  He said General Flynn is a great warrior.  Those who did this committed treason.  I am very proud of General Flynn.  For what these people did to our country, they should pay a big price.  Their partner, the media is totally guilty. Those writers, all those journalists who received a Pulitzer prize were wrong.  Pulitzer prizes should all be returned and were given out falsely.  They should be given back. They got Pulitzer prizes for fake news stories.

Evil FBI Comey had the cajunas to speak and say this:

Fox News: Former FBI Director James Comey lamented that the “DOJ has lost its way” as he expressed disappointment over the news that the Justice Department moved Thursday to drop the case against former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn. “The DOJ has lost its way,” Comey tweeted just after the Justice Department filed the motion. “But, career people: please stay because America needs you.” 

Yes:  We have seen America degrade into a banana republic under the Obama administration and his socialist radical agenda and its members.


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