Rudy Giuliani Presents: Anatomy of General Flynn’s FRAME-UP with Andrew McCarthy – 5/8/2020

General Flynn’s case: Andrew McCarthy

  • General Flynn was an obstacle to what the main objective of the Obama Administration working in conjunction with the FBI at the time was.
  • Once Hillary Clinton lost the election, the goal was to continue the investigation that they FBI called “CrossFire Hurricane, which was really always trained on President Trump.
  • What they wanted to do is continue it despite the fact that Trump was President.  It was a counterintelligence investigation.
  • They began this investigation around 2015.  The CIA and intelligence community overseas were the main players at the beginning.
  • The FBI became more active in 2016, sometime end of July.
  • A counter intelligences investigation is not done as a criminal investigation. It is done to collect foreign intelligence to support the President’s mission to protect the United States against foreign threats to national security. In order to use FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) they had to allege that the person they were surveilling are clandestine agents of a foreign power.  Under CrossFire Hurricane, they had an umbrella investigation called “CrossFire Razor” investigation of General Flynn. There was no basis in fact to believe that Michael Flynn, a 33-year decorated combat veteran was an agent of the Kremlin.
  • When Trump was President Elect:  The intelligence community hierarchy and the Obama administration and Obama white house were the masterminds of this investigation: January 5th there is a meeting:  Obama, Biden, Susan Rice, Jim Comey and Sally Yates and some intelligence chiefs met.  In that meeting they talked about holding back information about Russia from the incoming team.
  • The reason General Flynn was to be removed as far as they were concerned, Flynn was a veteran intelligence actor and officer who had run a defense intelligence agency and was a very savvy and experienced intelligence actor.  They wanted Flynn out of this investigation.
  • During this same time, they were obtaining warrants stating that there was a spirit of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.
  • They continued the FISA surveillance of Carter Page for almost a year but there was no there there as far as showing a conspiracy in the Trump campaign.
  • We now know that on January 4, they closed the case on General Flynn.  But because of the FBI incompetence, they did not officially close the case in the system.
  • It was a perjury trap by McCabe, Strzok, Page, Comey and Joe Pientka.
  • Comey has conceded that he, outside of protocol, decided to send two agents to interview Flynn, Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka, on January 24th.
  • This is outside of protocol because they should have gone to the attorney general who would then go to white house counsel to protect the president and Flynn.
  • During this time, Flynn is white house staff already working for President Trump.
  • President was inaugurated January 20th
  • Flynn is interviewed on January 24th
  • The weekend in between these two dates, all these people met to decide how to handle General Flynn and came up with a perjury trap.
  • They needed to try to get Flynn to say something that wasn’t true so that they could get Flynn removed.
  • When the FBI interviews a person in a possible investigation, they advice them of their rights up front. They tell them where they stand and tell them that if you lie, we will prosecute them.
  • The FBI never advised Flynn of his rights or if he lies what can happen.
  • McCabe called General Flynn before the two FBI agents get there discouraging Flynn from getting a lawyer or contacting the white house lawyer or from calling Reince Priebus.  The FBI knew the procedure but decided not to follow it.
  • They actually have a recording of General Flynn and Ambassador Kislyak.  They did not play the tape to Flynn of the Conversation between him and Kislyak.
  • The FBI knew that Flynn had the conversation with Kislyak and then hoped that Flynn would trip and say something wrong.  At this point, they think they have him. 
  • They then were thinking of indicting Flynn with the Logan Act, not used since 1852 and never successfully used.
  • General Flynn was gather intelligence for his new job in the White House working for the president.
  • Flynn has the interview, the agents were not convinced that he lied and reported it to their superiors.  Their superiors tell Congress.
  • The President dismissed General Flynn because he gave the VP inaccurate information (reason undisclosed).
  • In May of 2017, the President Fires Director Comey.
  • Acting Director Andy McCabe opens a criminal investigation on the President saying that the President firing an FBI Director is “obstruction of justice”.
  • The President was exercising his Constitutional authority to fire the FBI director but they objected.
  • The FBI theory is that the President interferes in their Counter Intelligence Russia investigation, but they don’t mention that their investigation, which should be on behalf of President, is being done against him.
  • They open the investigation against the President the next day.
  • Comey leaks his meeting with President Trump to the New York Times of the meeting he had with the President about Flynn, from way back in February.
  • That fuels the claim that there is an obstruction going on by the President.
  • The next day, Mueller was appointed. Mueller was looking at this case as “Obstruction” from the start.
  • The obstruction case against Trump was that President Trump fired Comey, which he can. President Trump said to Comey to go easy on Flynn, which Comey did not think was obstruction, till he got fired. He never did anything about it and was obliged to do it.
  • Comey, a week before he was fired, he gave Congressional testimony, under oath. He was asked if he was ever pressured to bring a case for political reasons and he said he was not.
  • The FBI did a lot of wrong things to General Flynn but never charged him.
  • Flynn does not get charged until December 1, 2017. By that time, all these other agents are out of the FBI.
  • Peter Strzok is removed summer of 2017 because of his text messages with Lisa Page.
  • Mueller’s deputy is Andrew Weisman, and the prosecutor who handled Flynn’s case is Brandon Van Grack. See:

    DOJ Makes Jaw-Dropping Admission in Flynn Case – Prosecution “Mistakenly” Attributed Wrong Notes to Wrong FBI Agents….

  • Once they took the case in May of 2017, as an obstruction case:  they squeezed General Flynn and Paul Manafort.  They played hard ball with those two guys.
  • Flynn stated that he pled guilty because they threatened to GO after this son for a violation of a foreign agent which is never really used.
  • Flynn when he pled guilty the FBI were heavily pressuring him
    • They bankrupted General Glynn
    • had no money for an attorney at the time
    • his son was being threatened
    • Weissman was close to torturing Manafort
  • The case will be dismissed for outrageous government misconduct.  Lying and Manipulation of the FBI 302 report.
  • The case was thrown out yesterday by the Justice Department, May 7, 2020
  • Attorney General had appointed a special counsel, Jeff Jensen.  The United States Attorney for St Louis.  He is making disclosure available.

K.T. McFarland said of her former boss:  General Michael Flynn

After more than three long years, the Justice Department has finally lived up to its name by dropping charges against my former boss, former National Security Adviser and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

The filing of charges against this decorated military leader and public servant – who I served with briefly as his deputy on the National Security Council – amounted to a massive injustice.

Flynn has gone through hell, racked up massive legal expenses, and been forced to sell his home to pay his legal bills.

The American people deserve to know who was responsible for the outrageous framing of Flynn – and those responsible must be held accountable. This is vital to ensure that baseless political prosecutions like this never happen again to officials in any administration, Democrat or Republican.

This cannot be allowed to happen. If this can happen to a President, A General with 30 years of service, what can happen to you or me?



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