Rudy Giuliani: The Attempt to Destroy George Papadopoulos #Obamagate –

OBAMA BETRAYED AMERICA! – Obama should answer “What Did He Know? & “When Did He Know It?


A ROUGE Counter-Intelligence Trap – Part of #Obamagate EP. 36 With George Papadopoulos



The Attempt to Destroy George Papadopoulos #OBAMAgate | Part 2 | Ep. 38

Rudi Giuliani, Esq. sits down with Former Policy Advisor to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, George Papadopoulos, for part 2 in which he outlines the events that took place in the attempt to frame him. #Obamagate



The Obama administration has a lot to answer regarding their investigations and unmasking of Trump Administration officials. Not only did they unmask, they leaked it to the colluding Media and with Foreign entities.  Unmasking it is said, happens all the time.  Sharing the unmasking with others outside the investigation, is a crime!

Inauguration Day 2017 Susan Rice Wrote A Russiagate CYA Memo To Self

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Interview of:  Susan Rice – House Intelligene Committe – 2017


How The Obama Administration Set In Motion Democrats’ Coup Against Trump


The following is an excerpt from Lee Smith’s book out October 29, “The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History.”

AFTER DONALD TRUMP was elected forty-fifth president of the United States, the operation designed to undermine his campaign transformed. It became an instrument to bring down the commander in chief. The coup started almost immediately after the polls closed.

Hillary Clinton’s communications team decided within twenty-four hours of her concession speech to message that the election was illegitimate, that Russia had interfered to help Trump.

Obama was working against Trump until the hour he left office. His national security advisor, Susan Rice, commemorated it with an email to herself on January 20, moments before Trump’s inauguration. She wrote to memorialize a meeting in the White House two weeks before.

Vindication Day! 

How Obama Hatched the Coup in an Oval Office Meeting on January 5, 2017 – Read 


There needs to be an investigation and those who did this, committed a crime, need to be tried for their crimes.  America cannot go through this ever again.  The democrats created a fake Russia Gate which concluded with the Impeachment of the VICTIM of their Crime, President Trump. President Trump was exonerated of their charges and now we know it was a coup to try to unseat a duly elected President Trump, just because he interfered in their 16-year plan to end America.