COVID19 INSURGENCY 911 – AMERICA Is Being Threatened by the Deep State – 7/10/2020

JoeM of “Storm is Upon US” has a message to awaken the masses – PLEASE Open your eyes America.

Most on the right are awake and many on the left are leaving the Democrat Plantation called:  #Blexit (Blacks) #WalkAway (LGBTQ)  #Lexit (Latinos) and #Jexodous (Jewish people).  Some on the left are awakening and joining Patriots for truth.

Patriots, we have known since way back that America was being sold off, that America was being destroyed from the inside out. We have seen it getting progressively worse. This horrible plan against America began a long time ago. WE all know the players, the untouchables who hate President Trump, who hate us his Followers. We are many, diverse, a melting pot of people who know the truth of what is really going on in America.

Millions of Legal Immigrants have come from all over the world to be work, be FREE  and raise their families in America as legal Immigrants and later became U.S. Citizens.  America, a melting pot embracing those who come here to work, have a family and become productive U.S. Citizens, added to the millions who are born here. The American People are Good, decent people who work all day, go home and spend time with their families.  We have seen the change from when we used to be able to pay our bills and have some money left over to have a life.

We have seen the change when we used to Keep The Sabbath Holy.  Now we even seen our churches infiltrated by those sent to destroy it from the inside out.  WE have seen our churches and temples burned and our right to worship GOD in public stopped.  We need to change the indoctrination of our children. You are seeing the children and grandchildren of those who started this socialist marxist revolution back in the 60s, destroy our country. They were indoctrinated to hate America. Colleges no longer are places to learn but they are places to destroy the last ounce of honor, decency and patriotism in our children.

WE no longer have free speech because the powers that be are making sure to divide us into race, color, religion.  WE have seen the change. That is why we voted President Trump in office.  He has been working and gathering knowledge since early 1980s, as he also watched America being changed and going into a managed destruction of all things America.  This is why we voted Trump.  WE have heard him talk since early 1980s as he pointed out each and every plan to destroy our America and the American way of life.

Watch this video and pray over what you see.  This “Q” movement is a movement of patriots in America and all over the world who are prayerful warriors of GOD Almighty.  WE pray to stand faithful to GOD and his Word. We pray for Battle worthiness and for Guidance. WE pray because Evil cannot Remove Evil. WE pray because we want to be worthy to fight the good fight.  Join us won’t you? go there and research. If you don’t understand how it works, pay a visit to who does the “decodes” of the “Q Drops” and this Link:

YOU WILL FIND all the resources you need to stay informed and NEVER have to turn on the boob tube or watch National Media who are owned by NAZI GEORGE SOROS and THE CCP (CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY). MANY in corporations have sold their souls to the Chinese Communist Party.  The CCP remains in power because many in America and around the world give it life. The Chinese people are being tortured, killed, abused by this monstrous regime.  Separate the CCP from the Chinese People. The CCP is hated by the Chinese people. But, those in the deep state are keeping it alive. The CCP is growing stronger by the day and working to destroy our way of LIFE.  The CCP has stolen America’s Intellectual property. They are a threat to our national security.  “We cannot close our eyes to what China is Doing”  If you understand this, you will understand the many things that President Trump is doing regarding China.

President Trump was asked to run by the U.S. Military (the good guys in the Military) and he has been briefed way back as to what is happening, all the while we were being lied to.  Trump has awakened the masses with this knowledge.  We are Awake Now! God bless you and may God Bless The United States of America.