Presidential Commission on Debates… Move Up The Debates- 8/7/2020

Welcome to the Presidential and VP Debate debacle. As more and More Americans Vote Early, HALF THE PEOPLE VOTE BY MID-OCTOBER said Rudy Giuliani.

  • If we begin on September 29th, week one, first presidential debate, as many as 8 million American voters in 16-states will have already started voting.
  • If we wait for the Vice Presidential Debate, on October 7, 2020, we will have 20 million Americans from 24-states that have already voted.
  • If we wait for the second presidential debate on October 15, 2020, 29-states would have already started voting, that’s 35 million Americans who would HAVE NO IDEA what these two candidates are like, head to head on the issues that would affect all our lives.  This should not be political. This is logical.
  • And by the time of the third and final presidential debate on October 22, 2020, as many as 49 million Americans in 34-states will have already started voting.

Giuliani said: Simply put, the Commission’s current approach is an outdated dinosaur and not reflective of voting realities in 2020.


Giuliani sent a letter on behalf of the Trump campaign to the Presidential Commission on Debates requesting either a fourth debate that happens earlier or moving the last debate forward.

“The solution is easy: add an additional debate in early September before the first ballots are sent out in North Carolina on September 4, 2020, or, move up the final debate currently scheduled for October 22, 2020 into the first week in September,” the letter from Giuliani read. Source: Breitbart News

The letter even offered a list of debate moderators that they would be willing to consider (see attached letter).

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Make your thoughts known America.  Contact the Presidential Commission on Debates.

What do you think? let me know. Thank you.

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