President Donald J. Trump Interview with Maria Bartiromo (video) – 8/13/2020

President Donald J. Trump speaks with Maria Bartiromo on various important matters facing America

  1. President Trump on Biden-Harris ticket
  2. Kamala Harris is the most liberal person in the senate
  3. You will see depression like you’ve never seen if Biden and Harris are elected.
  4. President Trump on Polling
  5. Trump built the greatest economy in History
  6. If Biden gets in, he will raise $4T in taxes, and the markets will crash
  7. Mail-in voting is sticking point on stimulus negotiations
  8. Mail-in ballots will make 2020 election the greatest fraud in history
  9. The European Union is almost as bad as China on Trade
  10. Hong Kong can never succeed with China running it
  11. Nobody has been tougher on Russia and China than I have, President Trump
  12. The dollar will be stronger during my second term
  13. China is a big problem but I’ve made it a much smaller problem
  14. The U.S has better scientists and engineers than China
  15. I believe we are going to take back the House, President Trump
  16. Hong Kong is a very complex problem
  17. Obama Biden knew everything about the spying on my campaign
  18. We should have a debate before the mail-in ballots go out