Want to know how the deep state has lied to you? – 8/17/2020

Millie Weaver the Filmmaker, her husband, her brother were arrested right when the “ShadowGate” documentary was being Premiered for the world to see and hear about the deep state. All of a sudden, like in Nazi Germany’s time, she was arrested with allegations of “burglary.”  The deep state is terrified of being found out.

If we don’t resolve what happened to President Trump, these things will continue to happen to all Americans.

Obama’s minions, cia, intelligence are all protecting themselves.  What they did to President Trump is the tip of the iceberg.  Follow qmap.pub and Tore podcast.  TORE explains the entire situation in detail and plays parts of the movie.

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TruthHerald.com notified Team Trump on Instagram about Millie being arrested and that her children were being taken from her.  Glad all this worked out for her for the moment.

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