Want to know what is truly happening in America? You Need to See This – 9/1/2020

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THE DEEP STATE dems were denying the riots for the past 3 plus months.  Dems called the riots “peaceful demonstrations”. Now, they see their numbers dip way down for Biden.  The American people are not liking what is happening in America at all. Biden is in trouble. Dems are in trouble. President Trump continually asks the Democrat Mayors and Governors that if they need help controlling these riots to let him know. They never call the President for help. They want these riots to take place. It is common knowledge that ANTIFA and BLM are Biden’s and Bernie’s followers.  These are now out of control and democrats have lost control over them.

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Dems want a civil war and were hoping that Trump supporters were going to go out in streets and settle the score. Trump supporters are smarter than that and respect President Trump and Law and Order. TRUMP supporters have jobs and families to raise.  Let police, FBI handle terrorists. Let them take care of these traitors.  We have an election to win.





These people are stupid.  They are acting just like the brown shirts, far worse.

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The ANTIFA crowd are the paid domestic force for the deep state players.  In Denver, four men have been sentenced in Jefferson County for throwing a Chlorine Bomb at police.  Who was using Chlorine bombs? the islamic state in Syria. Who was funding ISIS? the deep state.  The tactics are the same. You have the paid deep state army in the United States. You have the paid deep state foreign army in the middle east.  They both use the same tactics. Source: X22Report


Like a bad penny, Hillary Clinton is getting involved in the 2020 elections. She will be insinuating herself into our lives working to undermine the results of the upcoming presidential election.