President Trump Speaks on Black Economic Empowerment – the “Platinum Plan” – Atlanta, GA – 9/25/2020

Black Economic Empowerment – The Platinum Plan


America First — Family First – 

  • If you want Black America and all America to succeed…Support President Donald J. Trump!
  • If you want those in the womb to live, specifically in this case, Black babies, who will protect them? President Donald J. Trump!
  • If you believe in Religious Freedom and Our First Amendment Rights to Religious Freedom, you need to Support President Donald J. Trump
  • If you believe in bipartisan legislative laws like the “First Step Act”? You need to support President Donald J. Trump
  • If you believe in Black Colleges and Universities and support HBCUs, You need to support President Donald J. Trump
  • If you want Economic Empowerment, Black Jobs and Empowerment, You need to Support President Donald J. Trump
  • If you want True Change in Our Nation, Hope, Revival between Blacks and Whites, you Need to Vote for President Donald J. Trump!

American History cannot be allowed to be destroyed.  Be wary of those who hate the family unit.


For years, the United States Government has relied on the extensive expertise of HBCUs to address health emergencies.  HBCUs will serve as the principal partners of the United States Government in this historic effort, and will be at the forefront of our efforts to prevent, detect, and respond to disease outbreaks, including HIV and other health threats.  The U.S.-Africa Institute will position our HBCUs, a uniquely American asset, in a position of leadership, complement longstanding United States investments and relationships, and usher in a new era of two-way partnership with the African continent.  The United States has, over the past twenty years, made more health investments in Africa than any other nation, and continues to do so today.  The United States’ longstanding leadership in public health in Africa has generated extensive networks of labs, thousands of trained personnel, and has saved lives across the African continent.

President Trump is pleased to announce that our Nation’s HBCUs are joining his Administration in this endeavor.