White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Press Briefing – 9/24/2020

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

1:23 P.M. EDTMS. MCENANY:  Good afternoon, everyone.  The radicals are in control of the Democrat Party.  Make no mistake, Democrat radicals want to shatter norms and disregard precedent for the sake of the very norms and precedent they claim must be safeguarded.

They’ve proposed court packing — an egregious idea.  They’ve entertained impeachment as punishment for the President exercising his lawful Article Two, Section Two authority to appoint — nominate, rather, a justice to the Supreme Court.  They’ve advocated for the abolition of the Electoral College.  These are all the tactics that they’re using to sow chaos and discord.  Likewise, they’re endorsing a mass mail-out ballot system that will likely lead to the kind of weeklong delay New York witnessed in its recent primary.

Far-left radicals resort to tactics like this to push their extreme agenda because they cannot win on the merits; they cannot succeed based on the will of the American people.  This administration will continue to call out these tactics, while Democrats should end their petty politics and get to work.

And with that, I’ll take questions.


President Trump wants a fair election and a peaceful transfer of power. It will be nearly impossible to have a peaceful election with all the Democrat backed riots, the mail-in ballot scam and who knows what will happen with our vote.  In Blue States like the one I am living in, New Jersey, we are not allowed to go to the polls with the excuse being Covid19.  The rest of the country is open, working and free. We are not!

Since 2016 the Democrats have illegally investigated President Trump, his children and his White House.  The Democrats headed by Nancy Pelosi have made it impossible to get anything accomplished in D.C. All the threats being thrown around and the fact that democrats never accepted the results of the 2016 election, it seems funny they would ask for a peaceful transfer of power when they NEVER ACCEPTED, RESPECTED OR HONORED THE RESULTS OF THE 2016 ELECTIONS TO THIS DAY~!