Millie Weaver Exposed the Sunrise Movement – Planning the end of Our Republic – 9/28/2020

NO weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,”
declares the Lord.

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MILLIE WEAVER a/k/a #MillenialMillie exposes the Sunrise Movement that works with the U.N.!  Wouldn’t you know? they have an institute “Momentum” and they are training your kids: “Sunrise 2020 DC Summit” and they are all working to Topple the United States. In plain terms, terrorists working to destroy our Democracy. Those involved are: 

  1. Carlos Saavedra, Momentum Co-Founder

  2. Sara Blazevic

  3. Amalia, Sunrise High School Support

  4. Sarah Abbott, SUNRISE Team Support and Culture Director

  5. Aracely Jimenez, Deputy Comms Director “Wide Awake” Campaign Zoom Call

  6. Leah Spinner, Hub Coordinator/Action Lead San Diego, “Wide Awake” Campaign Zoom Call 

  7. Erin Bridges, Sunrise Fundraising Director

  8. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General


Your young children are being  indoctrinated by organized Socialist Terrorists to Destroy and take Down America.  Keep track of your high school/college age children. 


There is a U.S. Constitution, there is law and order.  Police will follow that law and those working to take down America are considered Terrorists. There is a place to try terrorists, it’s called Guantanamo Bay and it is a military tribunal. Terrorists do not come back to America.

This is who helped @AOC, @ILHAN, @RepRashida, @RepPressley aka ‘The Squad” get elected in 2018. Source: Millie Weaver



Because true Americans would never vote for these people who hate America, Her Values and the U.S. Constitution.

We need to work together as Conservatives, Independents and converts that have left the democrat plantation mindset. Pray, vote, support Democracy and our Republic.  America IS a Judeo-Christian nation, it was founded upon biblical principles. We need to do what is right, honorable and Godly. We need to fight for what impacts our daily lives and the future of our children.

Biden has nefarious plans for America. Just remember the days of Obama/Biden with the confusing bathrooms and agendas for your young children. Well, Biden/Harris will be as bad as that but on STEROIDS.


I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH! They want to end America, our Constitution, our Civil Rights, everything we know to be honorable.

Remember: When they can’t stop you, kill you, they will vilify you to try and end you. Watch this video from White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany as she covers President Trump in detail vs. Dems plans.


In closing, let me leave you with this long list of Biden’s PLANS TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY AND SET IT BACK 50 years.

Source:  Breitbart
Trump revealed that he had his staff draw up a list of Biden’s proposals in recent weeks, noting his political turn to satisfy the hard left.
“One of the things I just asked my people to do is just draw up for me, just quickly, some of the things that we’ve been hearing about over the last couple of weeks,” he said.
Here is the list of Biden’s proposals, drawn from the transcript of the president’s press conference:
  1. Abolish immigration detention. No more detention. You come in here illegally, no more detention.
  2. Stop all deportation.
  3. End prosecution of illegal border crossers.
  4. Support the deadly sanctuary cities.
  5. Incentivize illegal-alien child smuggling.
  6. Expand asylum for all new illegal aliens.
  7. Cancel all asylum cooperation agreements with Honduras, Guatemala, with El Salvador.
  8. Taxpayer-funded lawyers will be given to all illegal aliens.
  9. Abolish immigration enforcement against illegal workers.
  10. Restore Catch and Release policies for illegals.
  11. Grant work permits for illegal aliens.
  12. Provide taxpayer subsidies and welfare for illegal aliens and new immigrants.
  13. Federal Student Aid and free community college for illegal aliens.
  14. Sign new immigrants up for welfare immediately.
  15. End requirement for immigrants’ self-sufficiency and maximize their welfare.
  16. End all travel bans, including from jihadist regions.
  17. Grant mass amnesty.
  18. Vastly expand low-skilled immigration to the United States.
  19. Increase refugee admissions by 700 percent.
  20. Abolish law enforcement as we know it.
  21. End cash bail.
  22. Abolish completely the death penalty.
  23. Appoint social justice prosecutors in order to free violent criminals.
  24. End mandatory minimums.
  25. Incentivize prison closure.
  26. End solitary confinement.
  27. Free federal housing for former inmates.
  28. Rejoin Paris Climate Accord.
  29. Mandate net-zero carbon emissions for homes, offices, and all new buildings by 2030.
  30. Mandate zero carbon emissions from power plants by 2035.
  31. Mandate net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  32. Mandate all 500,000 school buses and all 3 million government vehicles be changed to zero-emission vehicles within five years.
  33. Install 500,000 taxpayer-funded charging stations nationwide.
  34. End school choice.
  35. End tax credit scholarships serving disadvantaged students in 26 states.
  36. Oppose 14 million Americans with education savings accounts and get rid of school choice, having to do with school choice.
  37. Eliminate school choice in Washington, D.C.
  38. Abolish all charter schools.
  39. Ban funding for charter schools in poor neighborhoods.
  40. Abolish educational standards.
  41. Abolish the suburbs with AFFH regulations.
  42. They’re going to rip down the wall.
Trump referred to Biden over 30 times during his press conference, which lasted over an hour.
“There has never been an election where we’ve had this kind of difference,” he said.
WELL: My experience tells me that instead of killing U.S. Citizens by placing us against the wall and pulling the machine gun trigger, they will allow all kinds of terror to come into America and we will be the victims, every minute of every day, of all the illegal migration, just like during Obama’s 8-year regime. We will die from rapes, stabbings, MS-13 executions, TERRORISM, diseases and probably heart attacks from the hearing about it all, or even drive us to leave America or commit suicide.  Their plans INCLUDE TAKING OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO OWN FIREARMS TO DEFEND OURSELVES IN OUR OWN AMERICA.

Everything that President Trump has done to clean up America WILL be placed back into America in a furor, on purpose, to destroy our Republic.  And remember this little tidbit from Kamala Harris, the corrupt politician:  She said she will make us pay for supporting President Trump.

Elect President Trump, fight for America or America will become a memory.  That’s my take.  Tell me your thoughts? I would love to hear them. Thank you patriots.









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