DEMOCRATS #CashForBallots in Minnesota – Ties to AlQaeda – 9/29/2020

Must Watch Please!


Obama brought these Somalis into America now we have thousands in Minnesota carrying on like if they were still in the Middle East. I am not anti anyone, but I am anti-illegal alien who are not vetted, and who have no allegiance to America.  Now, today, our 2020 Elections are being affected by what Obama did during his regime and Clinton’s 16-year plan.

I have heard on War Room Pandemic with Stephen K. Bannon that Rudy Giuliani is working on this problem.  THIS CRIME SPREE MUST BE ENDED. Or, we will not ever have fair elections.


President Trump Tweeted 9 hours ago which shows he was still up at 1:00 am!

This really gets me, this person has entered our country illegally, has boasted about her crimes and is still in America and in our Congress!

Watch what the New York Times writes these next few days. They are going after President Trump’s taxes. I bet you a million dollars they won’t write anything about the Minnesota Voter Fraud or Ilhan Omar. This is how you know the NYT’s are a worthless #FakeNews source.

Stories are coming from all over.  Voters getting mail-in-ballots with return envelopes containing wrong names and addresses.

Tom Fitton is outraged but not surprised as he said regarding #ProjectVeritas’ findings that implicate Ilhan Omar in #Voterfraud.

Something needs to be done and quick or we will lose the elections to foreign factions and this country will never recuperate.  Get involved in your district and become a voting official for the elections.  Protect the votes! Thank you.

Listen to Stephen K. Bannon’s War Room Pandemic – It is an incredible show and provides incredible insider information for Mr. & Mrs. Citizen to get involved in this election.



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