Bolsheviks on the Left Fantasize on Twitter About Overthrowing The U.S. Government, Assassinating Capitalists – Someone Say #Treason? #Sedition #Subversion – 10/1/2020

Sean Davis on Twitter commenting today about Dick Costolo, former Twitter CEO. Costolo is fantasizing on Twitter about overthrowing the government, lining up capitalists “up against the wall,” and assassinating them.  Does this sound normal to you Mr. and Mrs. U.S. Citizen?  The left has been moving closer to that line on the sand that qualifies them for military investigation at GITMO for #Traitors.

The Federalist states:

Former Twitter CEO Fantasizes About Violent Revolution, Assassinations

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo took to Twitter on Wednesday to express his strong opinions about capitalists who refrain from participation in social justice movements in the workplace and encouraged violence against them.

“Me-first capitalists who think you can separate society from business are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution,” he wrote. “I’ll happily provide video commentary.”

Comments by Dick Costolo have horrified people that used to call him a friend.  Michael Arrington states:  “This is incitement of violence, glorifying violence and it’s the former CEO of Twitter.  And, I though, an old friend. I’m stunned.”  He and a million others are.  What is going on on social media. They have lost all self-control and decency that’s what.  These social media don’t recognize the law and our rights in America. They consider themselves above the law and that no one will touch them.

The left are corrupt and out of control. They want to tear it all down and destroy our beautiful Republic. Don’t let them.  Get involved, become a voting official and let’s vote Traitors out of office and clean up the place.