POTUS Trump Disavowed KKK, Duke, White Supremacy Hate Groups Back in 2016 -Are Dems Going to Disavow, Defund BLM, ANTIFA, KKK in Dem Party? – 10/1/2020

We have seen this all play out before our eyes. Right before a big speech, a big vote, or while President Trump is overseas meeting Other Dignitaries and Presidents, there is a leak about something the left media or intelligence drums up to insult our President.

During the Debates on Tuesday, Wallace comes out of left field and asks President Trump the very same question he asked Trump way back in the 2016 campaign.  Are you willing to disavow White Supremacists and Militia?

BLM AND ANTIFA supremacists are PAID FOR BY THE LEFT, George Soros and the left does not stop them. If they get arrested, they get them legal counsel and bail them out. In Kenosha, White Supremacists and Militias didn’t cause violence.  But Biden and the left will not ask BLM or ANTIFA TO STAND DOWN.

In answer to Wallace’s comments during the debate on Tuesday, The Federalist wrote:

“It Was Left-Wing Groups that Trashed Kenosha”

Kenosha was up in flames, reduced to the same lawlessness that swept Minneapolis, Portland, Atlanta, and now this small Midwest town. Monday night in Kenosha, a day after law enforcement shot Jacob Blake, men and women stood with baseball bats and guns in front of their businesses and homes, trying to defend themselves against the extremist violence of the Black Lives Matter left. Since there weren’t enough police to control the situation, officers focused on defending public buildings, such as the courthouse, while leaving citizens to fend for themselves.

A woman, who said she had lived in Kenosha for more than 40 years, broke down in tears, saying her city felt like a “war zone” and she was “terrified.”

[Below] Watch President Trump condemn and denounce white supremacy and hate back in August 2017.

Why didn’t WALLACE ask Biden to denounce BLM and ANTIFA? Biden even called ANTIFA an “Idea” ? Really, do ideas burn stores down, shoot people, kill police, attack innocents, and commit murder?

President Trump disavowed white supremacists, the KKK and disavowed David Duke back in 2016. This is #FakeNews and old lies from the Demo party.  But we never saw the Dems nor HILLARY CLINTON DISAVOW DAVID DUKE WHOM SHE CALLED “HER FRIEND”!

So Chris Wallace begins by placing a wedge during the debates, while not allowing POTUS to speak.

Wallace is a deep state player and his father must be turning in his grave and there is no comparison between the two. What a sleazebag the way he interrupted, manipulated and insulted our President Trump. It was unprofessional, horrific to watch.  Wallace allowed Biden to insult our President several times calling him a LIAR, a CLOWN, told the President to “shut up, man” and Wallace said nothing but had enough time to tell our President to stop talking?

[Below] President Trump says “hate groups are not for me”

Brand Straka is also sick of watching this total bullshiff against President Trump. Brandon Straka is the Director of the #walkaway movement for LGBTQ.

Brandon left the democrat plantation and supports President Trump who has their back and protects their rights.

NFL Hall of Famer and total Winner, professional athlete Herschel Walker and a Christian stands with President Trump and speaks the Truth.  He has known Trump for 37 years.  Herschel Walker supports President Trump and explains why on this video.

Fox News Says: Trump campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh, in an interview with Fox News, said that the president has “repeatedly, over the course of years now, denounced white supremacists and has been consistent in doing that.”

During Tuesday night’s debate, “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace, who moderated the first showdown between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, asked the president if he was willing to denounce white supremacists.

The president responded, “Sure, I’m willing to do that, but I would say almost everything I see is from the left-wing, not the right-wing,” Trump said. “I am willing to do anything. I want to see peace.”

The president’s response sparked a shouting match with the former vice president.

“Who do you want me to condemn?” Trump said. “What do you want to call them? Give me a name.” Biden interrupted and said: “Proud Boys.”

“Proud Boys, stand back and stand by,” Trump said. “But I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you what, somebody has got to do something about Antifa and the left. Because this is not a right-wing problem. This is a left-wing problem.”

Here is another tidbit about Biden. He lied on national TV about the Green New Deal.

Biden does not believe that we need to really know his plans for America.  Where are the media? Why are they not vetting Biden?  Biden does not support America more than President Trump?  Biden’s  allegiance all along has been with China, Ukraine, Russia and the deep state?

The democrat base believes whatever the CIA Project Mockingbird media tells them. They fill them with lies about Trump, Trump’s base and American History.  They believe Biden and that is what is destructive and undermines our Republic.

President Trump gave up his beautiful life to protect America and has brutally opposed the CCP in China. He is not doing this job for money, he does not even make a salary. Trump gives it away to the Military, to other important things that need to be fixed in America. Trump wants to fix America for us and for posterity.  

The Democrat party are lying to America. They want full and raw control just like China has done to their own citizens.  Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court, they want to get rid of the filibuster.  They want to change America so they can win and keep control for the next 100 years.  Democrats deny the real facts we all see with our own eyes.

Democrats are trying to destroy the election process in order to win and win illegally.  Democrats have supported BLM and ANTIFA and the burning down of America. Blue state governors and mayors need to answer to law and order as to why they are allowing this to happen.  Who loves America more? Biden or President Trump?  In my eyes, President Trump has placed his life on the line for this country.  What has Biden done for America in his 47 years in office? Nothing!

Here is the list of Biden’s proposals, drawn from the transcript of the president’s press conference:
  • Abolish immigration detention. No more detention. You come in here illegally, no more detention.
  • Stop all deportation.
  • End prosecution of illegal border crossers.
  • Support the deadly sanctuary cities.
  • Incentivize illegal-alien child smuggling.
  • Expand asylum for all new illegal aliens.
  • Cancel all asylum cooperation agreements with Honduras, Guatemala, with El Salvador.
  • Taxpayer-funded lawyers will be given to all illegal aliens.
  • Abolish immigration enforcement against illegal workers.
  • Restore Catch and Release policies for illegals.
  • Grant work permits for illegal aliens.
  • Provide taxpayer subsidies and welfare for illegal aliens and new immigrants.
  • Federal Student Aid and free community college for illegal aliens.
  • Sign new immigrants up for welfare immediately.
  • End requirement for immigrants’ self-sufficiency and maximize their welfare.
  • End all travel bans, including from jihadist regions.
  • Grant mass amnesty.
  • Vastly expand low-skilled immigration to the United States.
  • Increase refugee admissions by 700 percent.
  • Abolish law enforcement as we know it.
  • End cash bail.
  • Abolish completely the death penalty.
  • Appoint social justice prosecutors in order to free violent criminals.
  • End mandatory minimums.
  • Incentivize prison closure.
  • End solitary confinement.
  • Free federal housing for former inmates.
  • Rejoin Paris Climate Accord.
  • Mandate net-zero carbon emissions for homes, offices, and all new buildings by 2030.
  • Mandate zero carbon emissions from power plants by 2035.
  • Mandate net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  • Mandate all 500,000 school buses and all 3 million government vehicles be changed to zero-emission vehicles within five years.
  • Install 500,000 taxpayer-funded charging stations nationwide.
  • End school choice.
  • End tax credit scholarships serving disadvantaged students in 26 states.
  • Oppose 14 million Americans with education savings accounts and get rid of school choice, having to do with school choice.
  • Eliminate school choice in Washington, D.C.
  • Abolish all charter schools.
  • Ban funding for charter schools in poor neighborhoods.
  • Abolish educational standards.
  • Abolish the suburbs with AFFH regulations.
  • They’re going to rip down the wall.

On another note, Senator Ted Cruz made comments about Chris Wallace and here is his quote as found on: thefederalist.com

“[Wallace] was whiny and petulant. I think he wanted to be the center of attention … it was much more about him than about the debaters,” Cruz added.

Cruz criticized Wallace’s “snide comments” toward Trump. When Biden said, “I can’t remember with of all his rantings,” Wallace chuckled with the remark, “I’m having a little trouble myself.”

Noting the liberal leanings of Wallace, a registered Democrat, Cruz compared his debate questions to an “oppo research dump.”

“They were equivalent of asking Trump ‘when did you stop beating your wife,’ and he didn’t do that on the other side,” Cruz said.

“There were several times I thought the president had Biden on the ropes. For example, when Biden said, ‘Lots of law enforcement are supporting me,’ and Trump said ‘Fine, name one law enforcement organization in America that’s supporting you,’ and Biden blinked in terror and had no answer,” Cruz said. “And then Wallace jumped in, oh, let’s move on, let’s move on.”

I mean, the whole world can see that Wallace was partisan and helped Biden on this first debate.  We all saw it for what it was, two against one. Not Fair, Un-American!