President Trump Sends New Tweets As He Leaves Walter Reed National Military Medical Center – 10/5/2020

President Trump just landed at the White House at around 7:00 pm this evening, Monday, October 5, 2020.


We thank GOD Almighty for His Mercy and Kindness to America, her people and the world.  Trump was sent by GOD to help us all. He is not making money out of it, he is in fact losing money.




Thank you Lord GOD for your Mercy upon America!

A final word from our Leader who is not hiding in the basement. President Trump trusts the Lord GOD Almighty as his guide.


President Trump, you can count on our vote. It is no longer Democrats vs Republicans.   It is Republicans vs. Socialists, Marxists, Maoists, Communists.  America, “We will NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY!”

President Trump is our Leader and Our President. Our Patriot who guides us through the storm as we Pray together as a Nation.



What do you think? let me know. Thank you.

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