If You Vote for Joe Biden America Will Be a Dictatorship- Will Be Guided by Socialism, Censorship, Chinese Control – 10/24/2020

I keep writing facts (not fancy writing) about Biden and his son because of the amount of information that has been legally obtained by patriots who are fighting to keep America free.  WE are one step away from losing the America that our forefathers founded.  WE are one step away from communism. It is evident by everything the left is doing, has been doing, the media and their collusion to tear it all down. They think they can rebuild it better, they can’t. They forget about China and what they already gained through the treason committed by those who sold AMERICA off and benefited from it. Never thinking of us, the common man and woman who work every day, pay our taxes, pay our bills and hope and pray for the best.  IT is a fixed game and we are their slaves.

How Biden Got Millions in Foreign Bribes – Biden is compromised and is not capable of leading America.  Biden is a stone cold criminal.  Has no conscience.  If he can pimp his own son for greed, imagine what he would do to us in America.

I want to clarify that this post is not vs Democrats or Republican.  It is this: if we don’t unite and bring this Republic back together and stand up for what is Godly, honorable, respectable, decent, law abiding, Constitutional, we will lose it all.  All of it!

President Trump said that he had to run for office once he found out what the prior presidents had done to our economy, jobs, trade deals, etc.  President Trump ran to save our Republic from  corruption AND the organized destruction of America.

The media are getting paid to paint Trump as “dark”.  THAT IS Bullschiff!!! President Trump is doing exactly what we hired him to do.  Drain the Swamp.  The media paints him as dark, evil, beneath them because if they can shut Trump up, they won’t go to prison for colluding to take down our Republic. They want Trump to stop talking and us to stop standing up for democracy.  If we win, they lose and go to GITMO for #treason #sedition #subversion.  If we lose, we will suffer horrors just like when the Nazis took over Europe.  Same socialism, terrorism, collusion with Islamists, death, hunger, pestilence for us and complete nervana for them!

Listen to Rudy Giuliani’s video below. He explains it quite well!


Below is an audio file from X22Report –

Dark Winter, Dark Secrets, Biden Investigation Begins, Crimes Against Humanity – Episode 2310

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To wrap it all up from Fox News:  

Hunter Biden scandals explained: Ukraine, China, drug history and more (CLICK HERE)

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden cannot be trusted. Joe Biden will continue placing money before country.  He is compromised and not worthy of seating in the White House for another 4-8 years. He had his chance, he blew it! #Traitors don’t belong in our White House!