Peter Navarro’s Report on the 2020 Election Steal Irregularities – 12/20/2020

Peter Navarro’s 5 key takeaways:


1.Coordinated strategy to stuff the ballot box with Biden VOTES AND TO DESTROY TRUMP BALLOTS
2.The number of possible illegal votes dwarfs the alleged Biden victory margins in the six (6) battle ground states that are under review
3.This is really important:  this is death by a thousand cuts by six (6) dimension of these election irregularities rather than a single silver bullet. It’s a very complex step
4.Like Tolstoy’s “unhappy families”, each state is different in how it engineered the theft
5.The only thing worse than the step itself, is the self-censoring cover up by the anti-Trump media, the censoring social media corporate America, the Republican establishment and the courts at both the state and federal levels.
The Deception came in many forms and they are:
1.Outright Voter Fraud in the AZ, GA, MI, NV, PA, WI
2.Ballot mishandling
3.Contestable Process Fouls
4.Equal Protection Clause Violations
5.Voting Machine Irregularities (Dominion, Agilis (AZ), Novus (NV).
6.Significant Statistical Anomalies
They stole the election from President Trump and it will be historically acknowledged.  If we can’t run a free, fair election AS THE WORLD’S GREATEST DEMOCRACY, all hope is lost. We have to get to the bottom of this!
We have to get TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS before January 5th in Georgia and before the Inauguration, or this will be an illegitimate and illegal Biden Presidency.
Anybody who says there is no evidence is lying through their teeth to the American people! Peter Navarro






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