The Change Agent

DOBBS’ COMMENTARY: A few thoughts now on a country that is truly undergoing what someone once called, a fundamental transformation. This transformation started the day President Trump

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Liberals attacking Melania Trump again? Oh honey I got this……..

So, according to the libtards, you can’t ask an illegal to produce papers, a license, anything. But this week Nancy Skinner, California State Senator,  decided


There’s a part of Islam that is gaining attention in the U.S. is TAQIIYA, intentional deceiving of those who are not of Islam. One lesser known precept is MURUNA, the act of infiltration through truth of non-Islamic nations.

“America Is Back in Business of Protecting Its Borders – and At All Costs” President Donald J. Trump

President Trump told religious leaders at today’s prayer breakfast that America is back in the business of protecting it borders and at all costs. “WE

The anarchist, communist, radical left.

MY TAKE: It is so obvious that the Democrats did NOT listen to a single word that then President-Elect spoke during his hundreds of rallies

Jamiel Shaw, Sr. has a message for Chuck Schumer! He better listen…..

What would you say if your child was shot in the head twice by an illegal immigrant?

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