North Korea Claims it successfully tested ICBM rocket – News From South Korea – 7/5/2017


On Wednesday, North Korean broadcaster KRT aired video of a missile being launched from a mobile platform. The missile that North Korea launched Tuesday fell into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.
North Korea later claimed to have successfully tested an ICBM for the first time.

North Korea has successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on the orders of the country’s leader, Kim Jong-Un, according to state media.  The missile tested is capable of reaching Alaska.

The threat from North Korea is destabilizing the entire region.  Japan is in its path, South Korea is even closer.  Kim Jung Un needs to be handled in a terminal basis.

Below is the Press Statement by Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, Washington, D.C., July 4, 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 12.48.15 PM.png


The goal of the administration is to enact tougher sanctions.  North Korea shows it can hit the U.S. with latest ICBM. 

My thoughts:  It’s time to take out the little “Dictator” in North Korea.  Use a laser from a satellite, drop a bomb in the ocean and create a nice Tsunami on both sides of North Korea and wipe it out.  They are an island, deal with it as what it is.  A small island prison  headed by a little crazy man.  Take out the crazy.





This just in from Jerusalem Post:  

US warplane shot down a Syrian army jet on Sunday in the southern Raqqa countryside with Washington saying the jet had dropped bombs near US backed forces and Damascus saying the plane was downed while flying a mission against Islamic State militants.

A Syrian army statement released on Syrian state television said the plane crashed and the pilot was missing. It said the incident took place on Sunday afternoon near a village called Rasafah.

U.S. Central Command issued a statement saying the Syrian plane was downed “in collective self-defense of Coalition-partnered forces,” identified as fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near Tabqah.

It said that “pro-Syrian regime forces” had earlier attacked an SDF held town south of Tabqa and wounded a number of fighters and driving them from the town.

Coalition aircraft in a show of force stopped the initial advance. When a Syrian army SU-22 jet later dropped bombs near the US backed forces, it was immediately shot by a US F/A-18E Super Hornet, the statement said.

Before it downed the plane, the coalition had “contacted the its Russian counterparts by telephone via an established “de-confliction line” to de-escalate the situation and stop the firing.”
The coalition does “not seek to fight the Syrian regime, Russian or pro-regime forces” but would not “hesitate to defend itself or its “partnered forces from any threat,” the statement said.

The US-led coalition, which has in recent weeks escalated its aerial bombing campaign in northern Syria and Raqqa province. US-backed forces have encircled the city of Raqqa and captured several districts from the militants.

The Syrian army has also taken territory from retreating Islamic State militants in the western Raqqa countryside and seized back some oil fields and villages that had been under the militants’ control for almost three years.

U.S. shot down a Syrian aircraft after a day of fighting on the ground in an area near Raqqa.  Syrian regime forces attacked U.S. backed fighters and had driven them from a key town. A lot of fighting on the ground between pro-regime forces and the U.S. backed forces.  U.S. came in and conducted a show of force with fighter jets, trying to scare off the pro-regime advances. Later a Syrian SU22 came back in and dropped bombs near the U.S. backed fighters and the U.S.F18 came in and shot down that Syrian jet as part of a defense mission to protect the U.S. backed fighters on the ground, all of this in a critical location essentially ISIS last stand.  

CNN states the following:

The Syrian Armed Forces claims that their planes were attacked “while it was carrying out a combatant mission against ISIS terrorist organization.” The general command called the action a: “flagrant aggression” that affirmed the United States’ “real stance in support of terrorism,” according to Syrian Armed Forces.“The attack stresses coordination between the US and ISIS, and it reveals the evil intentions of the US in administrating terrorism and investing it to pass the US-Zionist project in the region.” 


How political correctness is killing America and the world – 6/7/2017


Romans 12:2 ESV (Political Correctness)

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of GOD, what is good and acceptable and perfect.


These days nobody wants to call the enemy by name! Political correctness has totally taken over today’s society just like in the 1940s, and that is how the Nazi regime got away with killing so many Jews, Christians and other innocents.




Today’s war we are fighting is a very different war in that it is a war with millions of radical Muslims. Everyone is walking on egg shells so as not to be called an islamophobe and to appease this so called religion while it continually encroaches upon our society.  I am not anti-muslim, I am anti Radical Islamic Terrorists.  But how do you separate the religion from its Sharia Law which is not compatible with our American Constitution and it will NEVER be accepted in our society. This ideology wants to take over the world. How do we stop them?



The Nazis didn’t want peace and today radical Islamic terrorists don’t want peace either, they want to take over. We have to fight terror with Power, Strength, Conviction and Unity. Not with political correctness.



Part Source: Israel Video Network




Trump rips DOJ for ‘watered down’ travel ban, seeks swift court hearing

President Trump called out the Justice Department on Monday for pushing a “watered down” version of his controversial travel ban executive order, while also urging the DOJ to seek an expedited hearing in front of the Supreme Court to begin the ban’s enforcement. Fox News

I don’t understand why when President Trump takes steps forward to protect the American people from foreign enemies, the Media immediately uses it as a negative and uses it to their advantage against POTUS and the American people.  Media always reminding us that “You can’t discriminate on the basis of Religion.” Radical Islam is NOT A RELIGION, therefore they can be banned.  This is America, President Trump is our President. We “legally” voted him into office, whether you believe it or not.  We have given him a mandate, that is, to keep us safe from the intended neglect of President Obama and his jihadist friends and the left and the media.  That is why we elected President Trump, because we trusted no one else. Only Trump! R. Micallef


Tillerson urges calm after 5 Arab nations sever diplomatic ties with Qatar

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urged the Gulf nations to work out their differences after five countries severed ties with Qatar Monday for allegedly embracing several terrorist groups and its ties with Iran.

Tillerson, speaking alongside Secretary of Defense James Mattis in Sydney, said he did not believe the diplomatic crisis would affect the war against the Islamic State.

“I think what we’re witnessing is a growing list of disbelief in the countries for some time, and they’ve bubbled up to take action in order to have those differences addressed,” Tillerson said. “We certainly would encourage the parties to sit down together and address these differences.”

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen all announced they would withdraw their diplomatic staff from Qatar, which is home to a major U.S. military base used for the air campaign against ISIS. Saudi Arabia also said Qatari troops would be pulled from the ongoing civil war in Yemen. All the nations also said they planned to cut air and sea traffic. Saudi Arabia said it also would shut its land border with Qatar, effectively cutting off the country from the rest of the Arabian Peninsula. Yemen’s internationally recognized government said it would follow Saudi Arabia and supported the kingdom’s decision to remove Qatari troops from the Gulf coalition fighting the war. Qatar had appeared unperturbed by the growing tensions. On May 27, Qatar’s ruling emir, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, called Iranian President Hasan Rouhani to congratulate him on his re-election.

Saudi Arabia said it took the decision to cut diplomatic ties due to Qatar’s “embrace of various terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at destabilizing the region” including the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaida, the Islamic State group and groups supported by Iran in the kingdom’s restive eastern province of Qatif. Egypt’s Foreign Ministry accused Qatar of taking an “antagonist approach” toward Egypt and said “all attempts to stop it from supporting terrorist groups failed.”

At that Saudi conference, Trump met with Qatar’s ruling emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Fox News/AP

“We are friends, we’ve been friends now for a long time, haven’t we?” Trump asked at the meeting. “Our relationship is extremely good.”


White House SHARES

Rural areas would get federal dollars to rebuild roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects under a plan President Donald Trump will announce…”

“What the nation won’t do, thanks to the president, is devastate its own economy against the public’s wishes in order to satisfy the global elite. Count this as a major Trump promise kept.” The New York Post

“The entire Paris agreement was a largely meaningless piece of public relations stagecraft, designed for world leaders to give the illusion that they are doing something about climate change…President Trump was right to remove the U.S. from this non-treaty.”New Hampshire Union Leader

“Nearly 100,000 Nebraskans apparently will have only one choice for individual health insurance next year. Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said Blue Cross’s decision “demonstrates the failure of Obamacare and how the system was so poorly designed that great companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield can’t stay in the marketplace. It highlights that Congress needs to act to make the health care system sustainable.” – The Omaha World-Herald

On Saturday, President Trump spoke with Prime Minister Theresa May (U.K.) offering his condolences for the brutal terror attacks on June 3 in central London. 

Yesterday, President Trump and the First Lady hosted the Ford’s Theatre pre-Gala reception at the White House and attended a variety show hosted by Larry Gatlin at Ford’s Theatre.



Ending the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and achieving a negotiated two-state outcome, is the only way to lay the foundations for enduring peace, the secretary-general stressed.

“It’s the only way to achieve the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people,” he added. “Generation after generation of Palestinians who have been compelled to grow-up and live in ever more crowded refugee camps, many in abject poverty, and with little or no prospect of a better life for their children.”    JERUSALEM POST



Orlando shooting: 5 people dead after ‘disgruntled’ ex-employee opens fire, police say

Jerry Demings, Orange County Sheriff, said in a news conference 8:00 am today that John Robert Neuman Jr., 45, walked into Fiamma Inc. off Forsyth Road in Orange County, near Full Sail University. Deputies arrived two minutes later, where they found three men and a woman dead at the scene. A fifth person, a man, was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Seven people survived the shooting.




AJC: “Early voting in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District topped 46,000 over the weekend, with two weeks of early voting still to go ahead of the hotly contested June 20 runoff between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff. The total includes early votes cast Saturday in Fulton County, which kept polls open to accommodate voters’ weekend schedules. Select polling locations will additionally be open this coming Saturday in all three counties with areas in the 6th District, including Cobb, DeKalb and Fulton. The turnout as soon as mid-week could surpass the entire total from the contest’s original April 18 special election, when about 55,000 people cast early ballots. Early voting for the runoff began last week and runs through June 16.” Chris Stirewalt




Guantanamo inmate released by Obama arrested for recruiting for the Islamic State – France – Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar – 6/2/2017

(photo: Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt/AFP/Getty Images)

While doing research for this article, I have discovered that the media totally protected President Obama from the beginning of his presidency and would not truthfully report the total number of Guantanamo inmates released by his administration.  All the information was being redirected to President Bush and what he had done.  

The Guantanamo detention camp was set up in 2002 to hold prisoners captured in U.S. counter-terrorism operations overseas. Obama considered it a stain on America’s reputation and wanted it closed. 

Here we have the latest Guantanamo Bay detainee who has returned to his old ways. 

Six radical Islamists were arrested in Bordeaux and Ile-de-France Monday on suspicion that they helped other Islamists travel to Syria to fight for terror groups in the region.


Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar was freed from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 2009 after France agreed to accept him. Lahmar 48, is the oldest of the four men and two women who were arrested in Bordeaux and in Paris in raids on Monday. They are believed to have aided would-be jihadists with money and logistical help to get to Syria where the radical Islamists would receive training, fight for known terrorist groups.

Authorities in France stated that as of March this year at least 700 French nationals are fighting with terror groups in the Middle East  (Approx. 300 are thought to be women).

Name Country Captured Notes
Lahmar, Mahfouz Sabir Algeria Arrested in his home in Bosnia


Earlier this month five other radical Islamists were arrested and found to have been hiding various weapons according to a Paris prosecutor. The suspects, who were between 18 and 24 years old, were arrested in various parts of France after police foiled a plot to attack a French presidential candidate’s headquarters weeks before.

Top academic on radical Islamism in France Gilles Kepel has warned that the Islamists are trying to take Europe down a path to civil war. He told Breitbart London in an exclusive interview in Paris earlier this month that the only solution to the problem is through education and described how Islamic radicalism had developed in Paris’s migrant suburbs. Breitbart

France remains in an extended state of emergency after all the attacks leaving 240 people dead since 2014.

Isis calls for an escalation in global terror attacks by its followers during Ramadan.


Sources:  Huffpost, Wikipedia, Pamela Geller, Breitbart


President Trump is Talking about this: (Headline from Egypt) Muslim Terrorists Attack Bus Full Of Christians, They Overtake Twenty Three Christians And Butcher Them All


I am presenting this for all of you doubters and the left that don’t want to care, or try to understand WHAT our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Coptic Christians of South Cairo, are going through in the Middle East, in Egypt.  Terrorists (Muslims) have murdered 23 people with guns.  These were innocents going on a bus  traveling on the road to the St. Samuel Monastery in the Minya governorate, 140 miles south of the Egyptian capital, 25 were wounded in the attack.  Does anybody care?  What right do these savages have to kill one of our own believers in Christ? Tell me that? 

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslim terrorists in Egypt attacked a bus full of Christians, they overtook twenty-three Christians and butchered them all. Here is the report:

Egyptian state TV says 23 people were killed and 25 wounded in an attack by gunmen on a bus carrying Coptic Christians south of Cairo.

The report quotes local health officials as saying that the attack happened on Friday while the bus was traveling on the road to the St. Samuel Monastery in the Minya governorate, about 220 kilometers, or about 140 miles, south of the Egyptian capital. | Donate





Speech President Trump gave to NATO in Support of U.S. Citizens #POTUSAbroad


President Trump’s Speech to NATO what an incredible show of guts, the other word I’m dying to say but can’t, and total support of us, U.S. Citizens.




Not only did President Trump speak boldly, he mentioned “many faiths can unite to defeat terrorism” and that “Terrorism must be stopped in its tracks” or the horror of Manchester and other places will continue forever.  


And then, alas! He said this:


My travels and meetings have given me renewed hope that nations of many faiths can unite to defeat terrorism, a common threat to all of humanity.  Terrorism must be stopped in its tracks, or the horror you saw in Manchester and so many other places will continue forever.  You have thousands and thousands of people pouring into our various countries and spreading throughout, and in many cases, we have no idea who they are.  We must be tough.  We must be strong.  And we must be vigilant.  

The NATO of the future must include a great focus on terrorism and immigration, as well as threats from Russia and on NATO’s eastern and southern borders.  These grave security concerns are the same reason that I have been very, very direct with Secretary Stoltenberg and members of the Alliance in saying that NATO members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations, for 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they’re supposed to be paying for their defense.

This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States.  And many of these nations owe massive amounts of money from past years and not paying in those past years.  Over the last eight years, the United States spent more on defense than all other NATO countries combined.  If all NATO members had spent just 2 percent of their GDP on defense last year, we would have had another $119 billion for our collective defense and for the financing of additional NATO reserves.

We should recognize that with these chronic underpayments and growing threats, even 2 percent of GDP is insufficient to close the gaps in modernizing, readiness, and the size of forces.  We have to make up for the many years lost.  Two percent is the bare minimum for confronting today’s very real and very vicious threats.  If NATO countries made their full and complete contributions, then NATO would be even stronger than it is today, especially from the threat of terrorism.  PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump




President Trump and President Abbas Deliver Joint Remarks – May 23, 2017 – Bethlehem

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release

Remarks by President Trump and President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority in Joint Statements

Presidential Palace

11:05 A.M. IDT

PRESIDENT ABBAS:  (As interpreted.)  In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful — Your Excellency, Mr. President and dear friend, Donald Trump, it’s my pleasure to welcome you here in Palestine and receive you as a great guest of our people here in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus — peace be upon Him — from which the message of love, peace, and tolerance has spread out all across the globe.

Allow me at the beginning to condemn the horrible terrorist attack that occurred in Manchester city — the British city of Manchester — leaving tens of casualties and innocent people.  I do offer my warm condolences to the Prime Minister of Britain, families of victims, and the British people.

Your Excellency, meeting you in the White House early this month has given us and our Palestinian people, as well as also giving all the nations across the region so much hope and optimism of the possibility to make true a dream, a long-awaited dream and ambition, and that is lasting and justice-based peace.  
Our Palestinian people’s attainment of their freedom and independence is the key to peace and stability in the world so that the children of Palestine and Israel enjoy a safe, stable, and prosperous future.  

I would like to reiterate, Your Excellency, Mr. President, our commitment to cooperate with you in order to make peace and forge a historic peace deal with the Israelis.  And we would like to reassert our willingness to continue to work with you as partners in fighting terrorism in our region and in the world.  In this respect, I commend the importance of the holding of the Arab Islamic American Summit and its findings and outcomes and conclusions.

Your Excellency, Mr. President, once again we reassert to you our positions of accepting the two-state solution along the borders of 1967 — the state of Palestine with its capital as East Jerusalem, living alongside the state of Israel in peace and security and good neighborhood, as well as resolving the entire final status issues based on international law and international long-term resolutions, and respecting side agreements which sets the tone for the implementation of the Arab Peace Initiative in accordance with what has been reaffirmed in the most recent Arab Summit in Jordan.

Your Excellency, as you have witnessed during your — as you saw yesterday during your historic visit of holy sites in occupied East Jerusalem, and today in Bethlehem, the conflict is not between religions, for respecting religions and prophets is an integral part of our religion and faith.  And we are keen to keep the door open to dialogue with our Israeli neighbors from all walks of life in order to boost confidence and create a genuine peace opportunity.

Our fundamental problem is with the occupation and settlements, and failure of Israel to recognize the state of Palestine in the same way we recognize it, which undermines the realization of the two-state solution.  The problem is not between us and Judaism.  It’s between us and occupation.  

I would like to draw the attention to the issue of our Palestinian prisoners, who have been on hunger strike for more than one month, meters away from here in the vicinity of the Church of the Nativity.  And everywhere, all across Palestine, families, mothers of prisoners, suffer from being denied visits to their children.  And their demands are humane and just.  I demand the Israeli government to meet these humane, legitimate demands.

Achievement of peace, Your Excellency, the President, will give us broad horizons and prospects to recover our economy and continue building our national institutions based on rule of law and in the spirit of tolerance and coexistence, and a culture of peace, nonviolence, no incitement, and building bridges instead of walls inside our lands.

Once again, I greet you with the warmest regards, Your Excellency, the President, and your accompanying delegation.  I welcome you in Palestine, the Holy Land, wishing you success in your important tour, which will lead you to meeting His Holiness, the Pope, Francis, and whose efforts — whose dedicated, devoted efforts for peace we appreciate.  Wishing you and the friendly American people a lifetime of health and happiness.

(In English.)  Mr. President, Donald Trump, (inaudible) to achieve peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.  Mr. President, I extend my hand to you in welcome on this noble and (inaudible) mission.  (Applause.)  

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.  

As President of the United States, on behalf of the people of the United States, I would like to begin by offering my prayers to the people of Manchester in the United Kingdom.  I extend my deepest condolences to those so terribly injured in this terrorist attack, and to the many killed, and the families 
— so many families — of the victims.

We stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom.  So many young, beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life.  I won’t call them monsters because they would like that term.  They would think that’s a great name.  I will call them from now on losers because that’s what’s they are.  They’re losers.  And we’ll have more of them.  But they’re losers — just remember that.

This is what I’ve spent these last few days talking about during my trip overseas.  Our society can have no tolerance for this continuation of bloodshed, we cannot stand a moment longer for the slaughter of innocent people.  And in today’s attack, it was mostly innocent children.

The terrorists and extremists, and those who give them aid and comfort, must be driven out from our society forever.  This wicked ideology must be obliterated — and I mean completely obliterated — and innocent life must be protected.  All innocent lives.  Life must be protected.  All civilized nations must join together to protect human life and the sacred right of our citizens to live in safety and in peace.

I want to offer my deep appreciation to the Palestinians and President Abbas for hosting me today.  It’s an honor to join you in Bethlehem — the city that is precious to people from all over the world.  It’s a precious city.

As I discussed with President Abbas in Washington earlier this month, I am committed to trying to achieve a peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians and I intend to do everything I can to help them achieve that goal.  President Abbas assures me he is ready to work toward that goal in good faith.  And Prime Minister Netanyahu has promised the same.  I look forward to working with these leaders toward a lasting peace.

I also look forward to working with President Abbas on other important matters, such as unlocking the potential of the Palestinian economy — which is having a very rough time — and building on our very positive counterterrorism efforts. 

Several days ago in Saudi Arabia, I met with the leaders of the Muslim world and Arab nations from all across the region.  It was an epic gathering.  It was a historic event.  King Salman of Saudi Arabia could not have been kinder, and I will tell you, he’s a very wise, wise man.  I called on these leaders and asked them to join in a partnership to drive terrorism from their midst once and for all. 

It was a deeply productive meeting.  People have said there has really never been anything even close in history.  I believe that.  Being there and seeing who was there and hearing the spirit and a lot of love — there has never been anything like that in history.  And it was an honor to be involved.  But great things can come from that meeting.

I was gratified that President Abbas joined the summit and committed to taking firm but necessary steps to fight terrorism and confront its hateful ideology.  And it’s so interesting that our meeting took place on this very horrible morning of death to innocent young people.

Peace can never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded.  We must be resolute in condemning such acts in a single, unified voice.  Peace is a choice we must make each day — and the United States is here to help make that dream possible for young Jewish, Christian and Muslim children all across the region.  In so doing, we will all enjoy a safer and brighter future, and a safer and brighter world.

In this spirit of hope, we come to Bethlehem, asking God for a more peaceful, safe, and far more tolerant world for all of us. I am truly hopeful that America can help Israel and the Palestinians forge peace, and bring new hope to the region and its people.  I also firmly believe that if Israel and the Palestinians can make peace, it will begin a process of peace all throughout the Middle East.  And that would be an amazing accomplishment.  

Thank you very much.  Thank you.  (Applause.)  

11:19 A.M. IDT


9:50 AM LOCAL / 2:50 AM EDT: President Trump participates in an arrival ceremony with President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority

10:40 AM LOCAL / 3:40 AM EDT: President Trump delivers remarks with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority – Watch

1:00 PM LOCAL / 6:00 AM EDT: President and First Lady Trump participate in a wreath laying ceremony at Yad Vashem – Watch

1:15 PM LOCAL / 6:15 AM EDT: President Trump delivers remarks at Yad Vashem

2:00 PM LOCAL / 7:00 AM EDT: President Trump delivers remarks at the Israel Museum – Watch

3:45 PM LOCAL / 8:45 AM EDT: President and First Lady Trump depart Tel Aviv, Israel, en route to Rome, Italy

11:00 AM: Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney holds a briefing on President Trump’s fiscal year 2018 budget proposal – Watch Live

12:45 PM: Vice President Pence participates in the Senate Republican Policy Lunch




PRESIDENT REUVEN RIVLIN:  “The Star of David & the Stars & Stripes are flying side by side is looking forward to welcoming


President Trump & FLOTUS Melania Trump arrive in Israel – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Wife Sara Ben-Artzi

DAbPylnXsAAP4Wq.jpg-large.jpegPresident Trump & First Lady Melania arrive at The Church of the Holy Sepulchre.




Historical moment: visits the Western Wall, making him the first sitting to do so.






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