Democrats and RINOS Are Destroying America – Who is Being Silenced ☠️ Right now in Biden’s Marxist America? – 11/20/2021

The time bomb is ticking!

There is nowhere else to defect!!!

Just saw that 51 FBI agents have died since (READ ARTICLE HERE) Biden STOLE TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY AND INSERTED HIMSELF AS A DICTATOR, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, ILLEGITIMATE.  Who is being killed off, the decent, law abiding American patriot in intelligence, military, medicine, etc.? under Biden.  What will become of America if we don’t KICK BIDEN OUT OF HIS DICTATORSHIP FAKE White House?  HOW DID these FBI agents die? America needs to know!



How is Biden allowed to remain in office? He is illegitimate.  How is Biden allowed to flood America with illegal criminal aliens? It is a known fact that all countries are emptying their prisons and are being sent to America? Where the hell is our Military? Under General Milley America is in trouble!iB


Why is the New Jersey State Police allowing illegal young males to be brought to New Jersey and allowed to stop at a NJ Turnpike Rest Stop in the middle of the night? Are these young men? Army age? What is Biden doing against us?


Sen. Judiciary Cmte. hears testimony about IG report on FBI, DOJ and email probe – 6/18/2018 -FBI DIR.: Christopher Wray – DOJ: OIG Michael Horowitz

Hearing On the Inspector General’s OIG Report – 


We don’t question the Rank and File – We Question the Upper Management’s Behavior 






Andrew McCabe has stepped down as FBI Deputy Director early – Are there connections to the memo? Rumors -he was “Removed.”

What went on at the FBI – Fox News JUST Reported that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is Stepping Down but it is really reported as “REMOVED.” He is leaving his post early, five weeks early, to be able to qualify for his retirement. They call it a “terminal leave” from his post until March when he would be eligible for retirement benefits. 


This is as a result of what is in the memo that is soon to be released.   We do really need to see where the facts stand on the abuse of power by Obama’s FBI and DOJ.  McCabe has long been a controversial figure at the bureau.  

McCabe was told to cash out his time, that he was removed from his post at the FBI.

The Timing of all this – Christ Wray went to the Capitol yesterday to view the four-page memo that Devin Nunes put together. Not sure that has anything to do with it, but we will see.  

Republicans  have long questioned McCabe’s ties to the Democratic Party.  His wife ran as a Democrat for a Virginia Senate seat in 2015. She received financial  help from Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton family connection.

President Trump has been critical of McCabe in which he questioned:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.07.49 PM.png

Now, McCabe is no longer in the job.  This memo that needs to be released, will show all of America, left and right, the truth of how the Elite Left, Obama’s FBI and DOJ have worked to unseat a duly elected President Trump.  

The FBI Rank and File are suffering for the actions of the top brass. The FBI Rank and File work hard daily to do a great job for America. 



The Left can’t stop screaming for the past 24 hours – It’s a new Day, It’s President Trump’s Law & Order Day

President Donald J. Trump is within his Constitutional rights and authority to fire the Former FBI Director James Comey.  The left has been calling for Comey’s dismissal for a long time now, but as soon as President Trump exercises his authority due to the long-standing bad performance by Comey, the left screeches to a halt and goes the opposite way.  

You see, the left is used to controlling the narrative and persuading their sheeplike blind-folded base to a cataclysmic end without uttering a peep.  


Below Senator Ted Cruz states TO FBI Director James Comey’s that his answer to SENATOR Kennedy is PUZZLING.  






Trey Gowdy Finds Out FBI Director James Comey Won’t Obey The Law & He’s Pissed – Published on Mar 20, 2017 (UNMASKING – FISA COURTS)

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I personally love a President that is live on Social Media talking about the issues at hand so that the FAKE MEDIA can’t make up a lie and continues COMPOUNDING on it.  Yes, President Trump is on Social Media but I would much rather hear from him than THE MEDIA.  Yes, President Trump is frustrated that they are CONTINUALLY TRYING TO TIE HIM TO RUSSIA and Hillary Clinton loosing her bid for the White House, when the entire thing is made up.  WE all know this to be true.  We know that the Democrats have made it very clear that they will be BLOCKING President Trump at every turn.

I believe that we can all make comments and take stances but the only person in the world that really knows why he does what he does, is President Trump.  Trump is the only one getting three daily briefings and has his head and heart and mind into all that is  happening and about to happen to America and the World.  So, to all those that murmur and comment, I’d say, walk a mile in President Trump’s shoes before you crucify him with your rhetoric that you call “journalism”.  He may be saving your life and you will never know it.  Just report the truth and be vigilant and be thankful that a Patriot has stepped away from his beautiful, hard-working life as a World-Class Businessman and Builder and has taken the Mantle of President of the United States, guided by his convictions, patriotism and love of America and his love of God.