President Trump’s Hard Road to Restore Healthcare for Americans – After the Failed Obamacare – 6/28/2017

“Some of the Fake News Media likes to say that I am not totally engaged in healthcare. WRONG, I know the subject well & want victory for U.S.” President Donald J. Trump

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6/23/17 – Weekly Address of President Donald J. Trump – White House

Weekly Address of President #Trump – incredible summation with proof of how Obamacare is failing, including links backup documents and videos.

The Senate Healthcare Bill is here – 6/22/2017 – Read it yourself – Keep in mind OBAMA created this disaster -Obamacare- Republicans are trying to stop the suffering!

Below please find the link to the just released Senate Healthcare Bill, so that you can read for yourself.  I have included a video below

Republicans just took a major step toward rescuing Americans from Obamacare MAY 8, 2017 AT 9:55 am By: Andrew Bremberg – White House

On Thursday, Republicans in the United States House of Representatives took a major step toward repealing and replacing the disaster known as Obamacare. Despite promises

RECAP OF THE HISTORIC – Remarks by President Trump on Healthcare Vote in the House of Representatives – May 4, 2017

Download Now   President Obama signed The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act a/k/a ACA into law on March 23, 2010.  Most major provisions phased