There’s NO “Israeli Occupation” in the West Bank – By: Rochelle Kipnis – 12/7/2018

Hearing people in America refer to Israel’s “occupation of Palestine,” strikes more than just a nerve, it’s spreading incorrect information. As a Jewish American woman

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James and Patrice Comey spotted entering NY Times building, NYC on Thursday – 6/23/2017

What are James and Patrice Comey up to now? Going into the NY Times Building. Are you leaking again Comey?

Statement from President Donald J. Trump – 6/14/2017

The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release June 14, 2017 The Vice President and I are aware of the shooting incident

President Trump Made a Statement on Healthcare and how Millions of American Families are Still Suffering from Obamacare while Democrats ‘OBSTRUCT’ – 6/13/2017

PRESIDENT TRUMP is trying to give Americans Healthcare – to REPEAL/REPLACE OBAMACARE. The Democrats have assumed a #RESISTANCE stance, trying to block any progress to help POTUS pass Obamacare or any other legislation to help #MAGA. Remember America, when the 2018 MID-TERM ELECTIONS come up. WHEN all promises are not FULFILLED FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, look right at the Democrats for BLOCKING everything President Trump is trying to give us in America, the Mandate we gave him on Election Day.

Malfeasance – Loretta Lynch was protecting Clinton – 6/13/2017

AG Lynch and Clinton live in a bubble. Cinton has traumatized this nation for decades and other things that we all know and she is free to continue doing so.

President Trump Welcomes the 2016 NCAA Football National Champions: The Clemson Tigers – 6/12/2017

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