President Trump Just Finished his MAGA Rally in Topeka, Kansas – In Support of Kevin Yoder (R) – 10/6/2018

I apologize to my readers. I have been absent and late since this past Saturday, when I broke my ankle in a mall parking lot, with no lights on.  So I have been struggling.

President Trump finally got the Honorable Justice Kavanaugh Confirmed and Sworn in as the 114th Supreme Court Justice, just hours after Senate votes confirmed him.  GOD, Truth and Justice prevailed.  The lies, the innuendos, the threats, did not win. 

This man, #MyPresident is a winner.  He sets his mind to something after carefully vetting those involved.  We have prayed, God was merciful. WE got President Trump and we got Justice Gorsuch and now Justice Kavanaugh.  Truth, Honor and the “American” way will prevail. God Bless America, GOD bless our Justices, God Bless President Trump. God, We Pray, Protect Our Republic!!!

PER FOX NEWS: GOP Congressman Kevin Yoder is locked in a tight race against his Democratic opponent, Sharice Davids.


I am very proud of the Republicans:  President Trump, VP Pence, Leader McConnell, Senator Graham, and Senator Collins. ALL those who remained loyal to this Republic, including one Democrat. We are so proud of you! Our Republican Party didn’t allow the left to intimidate them.  Patriots! This is a historic night~!






The Senate Judiciary Committee hears testimony from Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh & Professor Christine Blasey Ford – 9/27/2018

Re:  Judge Kavanaugh and Professor Blasey Ford Testify On Sexual Assault Allegations

We are moments away from the Christine Blasey Ford testimony. Last night two men came forward stating and admitting that they were with Christine Blasey Ford and not Judge Kavanaugh.  Everyone of the allegations is unsubstantiated and discredited.  This is how the democrats plan to try to take down a good man who will ultimately get nominated and will be the one judge who will reveal the crimes the deep state have committed.  Democrats are desperate.  Judge Kavanaugh is not going anywhere.  God Bless Judge Kavanaugh and his family and God Bless America!  Truth Lives!




Live Brett Kavanaugh Senate Confirmation Hearing For Supreme Court Justice – 9/6/2018



Judge Brett Kavanaugh promised to serve as an independent justice to the Supreme Court, as he sparred with Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday about his views and past work for former President George W. Bush. The Judge was grilled regarding these topics: abortion, guns and other issues

This week has shown the honor, fortitude and decency of Judge Kavanaugh and his qualifications for the position of Supreme Court Judge.

The Daily Signal states the following: 

The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding hearings this week to review the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, an eminently qualified jurist to serve on the Supreme Court.

When Kavanaugh, a long-serving federal appeals court judge, was first nominated, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, committed to every member that we would have the most open, fair, and transparent nomination process ever, a commitment that I believe he has kept.

Under Grassley’s leadership, Kavanaugh’s nomination has resulted in the most extensive confirmation process for a Supreme Court nominee in history.

The Judiciary Committee has received the most comprehensive set of documents ever provided by a nominee to the Supreme Court, receiving more executive branch documents than the past five Supreme Court nominees combined.


These documents are in addition to the most relevant portion of Kavanaugh’s extensive record; namely, the 307 opinions he authored as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. That court is widely considered to be the second-most important court in the nation, behind only the Supreme Court itself.

Despite a complete and comprehensive review of his record and his insight into the most substantive legal issues facing this country, Senate Democrats continue to create faux outrage over irrelevant documents instead of working with the chairman in good faith.

Senate Democrats are demanding millions of additional pages of documents, dating back to Kavanaugh’s tenure as President George W. Bush’s staff secretary, though it doesn’t appear to matter that these documents shed little insight into Kavanaugh’s legal thinking or that they are subject to executive privilege because of their sensitive nature.

When Judiciary Committee Democrats received 170,000 pages from Elena Kagan, nominated by President Barack Obama to the high court in 2010, then-Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., called it “an unprecedented volume of materials.”

There was actually more Kagan material in existence, but both parties agreed not to demand Kagan’s documents as then-solicitor general, owing to their sensitive nature, even though they were highly relevant to her judicial philosophy—particularly since Kagan had no legal opinions to review.

But times have changed for Senate Democrats. Why are they dropping the Kagan standard and adopting a double standard, demanding millions of additional documents that are both deeply sensitive and largely irrelevant?

Perhaps it’s because it isn’t about reaching an informed decision at all. Perhaps instead it’s about dutifully marching in lockstep behind Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who within minutes of Kavanaugh’s nomination declared: “I will oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination with everything I have.”

The reality is Senate Democrats know they lack any basis to oppose Kavanaugh, so they have turned to hypocritical requests for irrelevant documents and have engaged in hyperbole to describe Kavanaugh’s nomination as the end to policy outcomes they support.

Kavanaugh’s rulings aren’t meant to be for or against a particular policy outcome, aren’t meant to be a commentary on politics or public policy, or reflect his personal views or morality. His opinions simply order the outcome the law—as passed by Congress—dictates. Nothing more, nothing less.

He understands that a judge is supposed to be an umpire. Someone who applies the rules of the road fairly and uniformly, and doesn’t change the rules in mid-game.

My review of Kavanaugh’s record persuades me that he is not only one of the most eminently qualified individuals ever to be nominated, but that he also understands the appropriate and proper role of a judge in our federal system. In Kavanaugh’s opinions, he has time and time again reached the conclusion dictated by the law, not by his personal policy preferences.

Kavanaugh has been praised by liberals and conservatives alike as a “brilliant jurist” who is an extraordinary choice to serve on the Supreme Court.

He has received the highest rating from the American Bar Association unanimously, an evaluation that Schumer once described as “the gold standard by which judicial candidates are judged.”

If his qualification were still in doubt, the Supreme Court has upheld Kavanaugh’s legal position in 13 cases.

Kavanaugh, an impeccably qualified mainstream jurist who interprets the law as it is written, knows the role of the Supreme Court.

I have no doubt that during this week’s hearings, anyone who looks at Kavanaugh’s record objectively is going to be hard-pressed to find that he doesn’t have the experience needed to be a justice on the Supreme Court.

I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate to ensure he is confirmed in the coming weeks.


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