Comey & Brennan – They Are Turning on Each Other – Unauthorized Surveillance – Political Surveillance – 5/15/2019

“James Comey, [John] Brennan and [James] Clapper have said to themselves which one of us is going to pay the Barr bill,” said diGenova on May

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Andrew McCabe has stepped down as FBI Deputy Director early – Are there connections to the memo? Rumors -he was “Removed.”

What went on at the FBI – Fox News JUST Reported that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is Stepping Down but it is really reported

President Trump Gives Remarks at the Opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Jackson, MS – The White House – 12/9/2017

In Honor of the Civil Rights Movement, President Trump visits the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum today, December 9, 2017.   Download Now

President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address – The White House – 10/6/2017

Our Commander-In-Chief is Our Healer-In-Chief – Thank You Dear President Trump!

President Trump Gives Joint Statements with President Moon – 6/30/2017

President Trump gives Joint Statements with President Moon of South Korea at the Rose Garden, White House.     Download Now

President Trump’s Hard Road to Restore Healthcare for Americans – After the Failed Obamacare – 6/28/2017

“Some of the Fake News Media likes to say that I am not totally engaged in healthcare. WRONG, I know the subject well & want victory for U.S.” President Donald J. Trump

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