Andrew McCabe has stepped down as FBI Deputy Director early – Are there connections to the memo? Rumors -he was “Removed.”

What went on at the FBI – Fox News JUST Reported that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is Stepping Down but it is really reported as “REMOVED.” He is leaving his post early, five weeks early, to be able to qualify for his retirement. They call it a “terminal leave” from his post until March when he would be eligible for retirement benefits. 


This is as a result of what is in the memo that is soon to be released.   We do really need to see where the facts stand on the abuse of power by Obama’s FBI and DOJ.  McCabe has long been a controversial figure at the bureau.  

McCabe was told to cash out his time, that he was removed from his post at the FBI.

The Timing of all this – Christ Wray went to the Capitol yesterday to view the four-page memo that Devin Nunes put together. Not sure that has anything to do with it, but we will see.  

Republicans  have long questioned McCabe’s ties to the Democratic Party.  His wife ran as a Democrat for a Virginia Senate seat in 2015. She received financial  help from Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton family connection.

President Trump has been critical of McCabe in which he questioned:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.07.49 PM.png

Now, McCabe is no longer in the job.  This memo that needs to be released, will show all of America, left and right, the truth of how the Elite Left, Obama’s FBI and DOJ have worked to unseat a duly elected President Trump.  

The FBI Rank and File are suffering for the actions of the top brass. The FBI Rank and File work hard daily to do a great job for America. 



President Trump Gives Remarks at the Opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Jackson, MS – The White House – 12/9/2017

In Honor of the Civil Rights Movement, President Trump visits the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum today, December 9, 2017.


President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address – The White House – 10/6/2017


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it! John 1:5



My fellow Americans,

On Wednesday, I traveled to Las Vegas to visit with the victims of the horrific shooting, speak with their families, and thank the brave citizens, first responders and medical personnel who saved so many lives.

We struggle to grasp the evil that occurred on Sunday evening when a murderer shot into a crowd of more than 20,000 people. Men, women, and children were gathered to enjoy a concert. They never imagined it would become the worst day of their lives.

But in the wake of such shock and horror, it was a matter of seconds before the goodness of the human spirit broke through. When the shooting began, a mother laid on top of her daughter to shield her from gunfire. A husband died to protect his beloved wife. Strangers rescued strangers, police officers and first responders rushed into danger.

When the worst of humanity strikes, the best of humanity responds.

The men and women who risked their lives to save their fellow citizens give proof to the words of this Scripture: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Americans defied death and hatred with love and courage.

This week our nation remembers all the wonderful people we have lost and all of the grace they brought into our lives and our communities. Among the fallen were young students full of limitless potential, law enforcement personnel, a nurse, teachers dedicated to our children’s future, and many others. They were mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers. They were husbands and wives, and sons and daughters. They will be dearly missed, and they will never be forgotten.

To all those who lost a loved one, we cannot imagine your pain, or erase your sorrow. Our hearts grieve for you. We stand with you now, and every day after. And we pray that God may carry you through the anguish and sorrow.

We can never fill the void of those who perished, but we pledge to honor them by living as they would have wished – with lives full of purpose, with hearts full of love, and with hope for a better tomorrow.

God comfort the broken-hearted. And may God bless the United States of America. Thank you.

President Trump Gives Joint Statements with President Moon – 6/30/2017

President Trump gives Joint Statements with President Moon of South Korea at the Rose Garden, White House.  


President Trump’s Hard Road to Restore Healthcare for Americans – After the Failed Obamacare – 6/28/2017

PRESIDENT MET WITH GOP members yesterday, Tuesday, June 27, 2017, encouraging them to get the Healthcare deal done.  They need to get it together.  Weak knee Republicans need to get over themselves and need to go forward repealing Obamacare.  The Vote on Healthcare was postponed in the Senate till Friday.  Nine Republican senators expressed their concerns but the White House is trying to get support. 


This is not a Trump Healthcare Bill, It is a House Healthcare Bill and now a Senate Bill to be either passed or rejected.


Democrats are calling for single payor healthcare (socialism). Democrats say that the Republican Healthcare bill will bring costs up.  Some Republicans have asked for more time and it is clear that Republican leadership are trying to get results quickly. Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight.  

President Trump today, Wednesday, June 28, 2017, made some remarks, paraphrased:  Yesterday we had  a tremendous meeting, the meeting went really well.  Obamacare is dead, if it does not get a subsidy it will die within 24 hours.  This new healthcare will take care of people for the right reasons and at the right costs.  Tremendous reductions from Obamacare.  The Republican Senators (52) had an impressive meeting.  What also came out was that this healthcare will be far better than Obamacare and much less expensive for the country.  We are giving ourselves a little more time.  We got rid of mandates, taxes, all the bad parts have repealed and replaced.  This will be a tremendous plan, we will have a lot of happy people in this country when we get it done.


Remarks by President Trump at a Meeting with Republican Senators

East Room

4:08 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, I thought I’d ask you folks to come say hello, and we’ll discuss healthcare.  We have really no choice but to solve this situation.  Obamacare is a total disaster.  

It’s melting down as we speak.  Rates are going up.  In fact, it’s very interesting, Lisa, that you’re sitting next to me because, in Alaska, it was 206 percent — a 206 percent increase in Alaska.  And I used to use Arizona as the standard; that was 116 percent.  So it’s really meltdown, and we’re going to try to solve the problem.

So I invited all of you, and I think we have either 52 out of 52, or 50 out of 52.  And John, either one is pretty good, I think, as a percentage.

So we’re going to talk and we’re going to see what we can do.  We’re getting very close.  But for the country, we have to have healthcare.  And it can’t be Obamacare, which is melting down.  The other side is saying all sorts of things before they even knew what the bill was.  This will be great if we get it done.  And if we don’t get it done, it’s just going to be something that we’re not going to like.  And that’s okay, and I understand that very well.

But I think we have a chance to do something very, very important for the public — very, very important for the people of our country that we love.

So I’ll ask the press to leave.  I greatly appreciate you folks being here.  We love you very much.  You’re very kind and very understanding.  (Laughter.)  But we will now ask you to leave.  Thank you very much, everybody.  Thank you.

Q    Mr. President, what do you think of the Senate bill?

THE PRESIDENT:  I think the Senate bill is going to be great.  Thank you, everybody.  Thank you.  Such an understanding lot.

4:10 P.M. EDT 


Vice President Pence and Kellyanne Conway speak with and about “Obamacare Victims”.  Kellyanne said that people actually had a physical card and no ability to use it, the system considers you insured, and you are not.  Ms. Conway said that the President sees this as a “Moral Imperative” to repeal and replace Obamacare. 



On the other hand, the “OBSTRUCTIONISTS”, the Democrats are using lies, fear-mongering, and divisive rhetoric to push their agenda instead of debating the issues.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said the GOP bill’s spending cuts amount to “blood money.”  The Democrats are saying “everyone should be very scared.”  This is the Democratic Party,  Celebrities they basically called for the assassination of the President. Hillary Clinton tweeted that the Republican Party will become “the death Party” if the bill passes.  The Democrats are willing to destroy our nation with lies and rhetoric to get their way.  Their ultimate Goal is a single-payor system which is Socialism and Communism.



My View:  America is a democracy, not a dictatorship.  The democratic party has been holding America hostage for over 8-years with their lies, and comments. While they were in control, they destroyed healthcare, immigration, borders, security, etc. Now, they lost, BIGLY, but they are still holding us hostage with rhetoric designed to set aflame their base with lies that the uninformed believe.  All this is setting America up for, I hate to say it, a civil war if cooler, decent, patriotic heads do not prevail.  

I also know that Republicans under President Trump care for America and what happens to Americans.  They are working diligently to get this healthcare problem solved, and do not want to rush to get it passed if it is not done right.  The President is working with both sides to get this done right.  There is a faction of Senate Republicans and a few in the House who are second guessing this initial healthcare bill.

The left does not want to help because they are still pushing for a single-payer system. The left wants socialism and communism in America.  The Majority of Americans we reject Socialism and Communism, that is why we voted for President Donald J. Trump.

Let me know your thoughts.  Thank you for reading my work. 

7:25 PM – President Trump Gives Remarks at an Event Highlighting Agricultural Innovation The White House – 6/21/2017

Malfeasance – Loretta Lynch was protecting Clinton – 6/13/2017

And here we have it ladies and gentlemen. Mike Cernovich Retweeted this this morning.   From Frank Gaffney, Founder for Security Policy and host of Secure Freedom Radio in Washington, D.C.



@SaraCarterDC reports that Loretta Lynch told #JamesComey she was going to put the “kibosh” on any “prosecution of Clinton.”


Portable Network Graphics image-16E289BA4980-1.png           Portable Network Graphics image-F3D24370CBC5-1.png


IMG_1534.JPGThis plot thickens.  We will follow this story, but if this all pans out, I think that President Trump should demand that AG Lynch be questioned for giving Clinton a “free pass” while all the evidence is in front of our eyes.  Time to hear from Lynch as to why she thinks she and Clinton are “above the law! Don’t you all think?

President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address – 6/2/2017


Here is our beloved President’s Weekly Address to America for 6/2/2017. God Bless President Trump, His Family, His White House, His plans to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.


My fellow Americans,

I am thrilled to be back in the United States after our first historic foreign trip.

Over the course of 9 days, Melania and I traveled to some of the holiest sites in the three Abrahamic religions and met with nearly 100 foreign leaders. Everywhere we went, my goal was to advance American interests, to build a coalition of nations to drive out the terrorists, and to unlock a future of peace, prosperity, and hope for all Americans – and people around the world.

In Saudi Arabia, I was honored to participate in a historic summit with the leaders of more than 50 Muslim and Arab nations, where King Salman and many other leaders expressed their desire to take on a greater role in defeating terrorists who murder innocents of all faiths.

At this unprecedented summit, we opened a new center to combat extremist ideology, launched a task force to block funding for terrorists, and agreed to a massive economic development deal that will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the United States.

I also discussed the importance of the nations of the region taking more responsibility on migration – so that more young people are part of creating a better future in their home societies.

From Saudi Arabia, I traveled to Jerusalem, where I reaffirmed the unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel. There, I prayed at the Western Wall, visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and was awed by the majesty of that sacred land and the perseverance of the Jewish people.

I also traveled to Bethlehem, another ancient city of wonder, where I met with Palestinian leader President Abbas. Both President Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu assured me they are ready to reach for peace.

From Israel, I traveled to Italy, where Melania and I were greatly honored to visit the Vatican and meet Pope Francis. He was really wonderful – a great guy.

Then, I traveled to two summits with our key allies – first, the NATO Summit in Brussels, where nations agreed they must do more to meet their financial obligations and pay their fair share – because right now, it is not fair to the United States. But it soon will be.

Next, I attended the G-7 Summit in Italy, where we worked to improve coordination on shared security threats, achieve more fair trade that gives workers a level playing field, and agreed on the goal that refugees should be resettled as close to their home countries as possible so they can be part of the future rebuilding.

Before we returned home, I was delighted to conclude my trip by visiting American military families – unbelievable people, the true source of our strength. We will always protect those who protect us.

Our first foreign trip was full of historic and unprecedented achievements. Joined by many old and new friends, we have paved the way for the new era of cooperation – one that calls upon each nation to take more responsibility to bring peace to their people. One that works together to defeat the scourge of terrorism and deliver hope to all of God’s children. And one that protects American interests so we remain a strong and prosperous nation – strong and prosperous, like never before – and a beacon of freedom and opportunity for many years to come.

Thank you. God bless you. And God bless the United States of America.

President Trump meets with President Emmanuel Macron of France

That handshake between our 45th President Trump and President Macron was a show of macho force between two strong men. But one of them is President Trump, a proven Leader, Builder, Positive Thinker and Author, TV Personality and Producer, Father, Business Tycoon, and a supporter of the United States Constitution to the fullest extent.  President Trump is a nationalist who said “From this day forward it’s going to be only America First.” President Trump has also said “The wealth of our middle class has been ripped from their homes and then redistributed across the entire world.” President Trump is on our side, he wants America to succeed.


President Macron will quickly learn that President Trump is a strong man, a man of conviction and a cerebral man.  Don’t tempt President Trump, he will not let you get away with it. He will get you when you least expect it.  President Trump is a Winner First and President Second.  He is a mastermind no one seems to understand and that is because he is lives in a higher plane, planning, seeing the total picture. It is a gift. People think that President Trump is rough, no he is not. He knows his mandate, he knows why he is where he is, and what he is doing and who he is in this world and reality. He does not waste time in niceties to appease egos. He knows that time is short and his mandate is huge. I totally agree with his reasoning. President Trump gets it done!


Macron resigned from Socialist President François Hollande’s government in 2016 to launch his En Marche! (On the Move!) political movement that in 18-months signed more than 200,000 signed-up members and Mr Macron has now won the French presidential election, beating another political outsider, the Front National’s Marine Le Pen, into second place.

Mr Macron has vowed to bring unemployment down from its current 10 to 7 percent. His biggest challenge is winning over blue-collar workers who are put off by his support for globalization, multiculturalism and the EU.

Dissatisfied voters see immigration as the source of their woes and have flocked to the Front National, which is vowing to “bring back French sovereignty” with a referendum on EU membership; the suspension of immigration; and to fight back against perceived Islamist extremism in civil society. 

During a presidential debate last month, Ms Le Pen attacked Mr Macron for his vague policy positions saying he managed to speak about foreign policy for seven minutes without saying anything at all.

“I know the divisions in our nation, which led some to vote for extremist parties. I respect them,” Mr Macron said in a solemn address at his campaign headquarters after winning the presidency.

“I will work to recreate the link between Europe and its peoples, between Europe and citizens,” Macron

Source:   Independent/UK


UPCOMING – 12:25 PM EDT – 5/22/2017 – President Trump Gives Remarks with Prime Minister Netanyahu Jerusalem