TODAY IS: International Holocaust Remembrance Day – Never Forget


As we all know, President Donald J. Trump has a special bond of honor and affection with the Jewish State and its people and a great relationship with Israeli Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu. NETANYAHU  is the first Israeli prime minister born in Israel after the establishment of the State. I have a special bond with the Jewish people and I share this in their honor.

TODAY IS: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

A wonderful young man reached out to me today, his name is Tal Drori, Owner, Founder, CEO of Tal Drori Broadcasting & Media Production Company in NYC, and on Facebook @Drorital7.  He reminded me that Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I am asking that we all please pray for the Jewish people. Please stop for a few minutes, REMEMBER, and pray for all the souls of the dearly departed that suffered in that horrendous genocide.

These are his words.

Nobody in my university has mentioned the Holocaust Remembrance Day.. so I had to remind them 😞
On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we remember the 6 million men, women and children killed simply because they were Jewish. They will remain forever in our thoughts and prayers. TAL DRORI

Source: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

On November 1, 2005, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 60/7 to designate January 27 as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The date marks the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau and is meant to honor the victims of Nazism. The same resolution supports the development of educational programs to remember the Holocaust and to prevent further genocide.

Resolution 60/7 not only establishes January 27 as “International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust,” it also rejects any form of Holocaust denial. The resolution encourages member states of the UN to actively preserve sites that the Nazis used during the “Final Solution” (for example, killing centers, concentration camps, and prisons.) Drawing from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the resolution condemns all forms of “religious intolerance, incitement, harassment or violence against persons or communities based on ethnic origin or religious belief” throughout the world.


President Trump’s Answer to Mexico

It is amazing what one man can do when his motives are true and he has a pure heart driven by Love of Country! President Trump #LovesAmerica #LovesUS !

What did the past three president lack that they did not accomplish a tenth of what President Trump has already accomplished in a week.  Is it because they didn’t want to or is it that they had a different agenda?  All I know is that WE ARE BLESSED by GOD above to have such a great man in the White House to protect us and who cares about what we think, feel as citizens of this great Country.

I am so upset about what Mexico’s President, Enrique Pena Nieto, is trying to do. He thinks that he can dictate to President Trump what He can do in his own Country and Administration.  President Nieto vows to protect Illegals living in the US from President Trump?  President Nieto, this is not a dialogue, our Sovereignty is not up for discussion and neither is our border!

Here is what you will do President Nieto. Take all the drug lords, drugs, criminals, rapists that you allowed to leave Mexico and you will take them back and you pay for them, and you deal with the outcome. It is not our problem or duty to take care of your people.  Grow up, put on big boy pants and deal with it.  Mexico has gotten away with quite a lot forever. This all stops here and now. This is America!!!


Newt Gingrich Full Interview 1/25/17-“I am watching HIM with Great Admiration”

This entire interview with Newt Gingrich is a very positive, uplifting look into President Trump’s plan for America.

Newt Gingrich said about President Trump:

“I watch him with great admiration. I thought his Inaugural speech was spectacular.  I am going to talk at Heritage tomorrow about putting it in context.  Yesterday, I compared it with Lincoln’s First Inaugural…..This is how parallel the two guys are in what they are trying to communicate in their first inaugural.”

Newt went on to say:

“I think you are going to see a really aggressive constant driving effort to rebuild  the American economy, and both he believes in it, and he knows it’s at the heart of his coalition. If he ends up creating a lot of jobs, he’s going to get reelected. The Congress is going to face enormous pressure.”

Hannity stated that there will be at least 2 million jobs created in the first five days of President Trump’s Administration.  Newt stated that late on the night of November 8, every executive in America looked up and breathed a big sigh of relief.

Every day is such a thrill for us the American public, to see President Trump working to fulfill his campaign promises to the American people. We have a lot of hope, there is excitement in the air just thinking that the jobs are coming back, that the wall will be built, that immigration will be enforced and all the other host of orders benefiting our economy are being signed into action for us Americans.





“There were so many incredible milestones in this past weekend — including one for Baby Theodore Kushner (Trump) who crawled for the very first time in the White House!  Ivanka Trump


President Donald Trump’s efforts to help families victimized by illegal immigrants

“THE REMEMBRANCE PROJECT”  Represent Families of Victims KILLED By Illegal Immigrants.” President Trump fulfills another campaign promise of immigration reform.  President Trump signed executive actions cutting off federal funding of Sanctuary Cities, and ending the practice of “catch and release” of those who illegally cross the border.

Dan Golvach, whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant in January 2015, told FOX Business Network’s Liz MacDonald that this is first time a government official acknowledged his son’s death. “It appears to me [Trump] is not wasting any time,” he said. “I just have to say I think that he is sincere.” Golvach stated that President Trump remembers a lot of the families by name and he uses his own money to help the families. There was no other politician from either side that reached out to us.  Donald Trump is just enforcing the laws that are already on the books.

During the meeting Trump recognized members of the Remembrance Project, an organization representing families of victims killed by illegal immigrants. Golvach’s 25-year-old son, Spencer, was stopped at a red light when a four-time deported illegal alien, who had previously done five years in prison for attempted murder, pulled up beside him and shot him in the head.


President Trump said today:

“For years, the media has largely ignored the stories of Americans and lawful residents victimized by open borders,” Trump said in a speech at the Department of Homeland Security. “To all of those hurting out there, I repeat to you these words: We hear you. We see you — and you will never, ever be ignored again.”



Golvach also said about President Trump:

“He has treated us like family. He knows a lot of us in the Remembrance Project and a lot of the families by name and he has done a lot of things on his own dime for us,” Golvach said.



Left Continually Questions President Trump’s Motives – On November 8, 2016, “We The People” Gave Our President A Mandate AND He ANSWERED -PRESIDENT TRUMP SIGNS EXECUTIVE ORDERS FOR AMERICA!!!



After 8 long years of gridlock in D.C., laws broken, the Constitution forsaken, WE the American People demanded a change.

President Trump is proceeding with this Plan for America at an extraordinary pace and he is making use of every minute of every day to achieve his goals to “Make America Great Again.”  Today, the headline from Fox Business News is:  “Trump Tips Dow to 20K.”  Fox Business Wrote: “President Donald Trump demonstrates his seriousness about fulfilling campaign promises of lower taxes, less regulation, and more fiscal spending.”

On his first week, President Trump signed executive orders: (Sources: Fox Business,

  • Clearing the way for the Keystone pipelines
    • Two Presidential Memoranda reviving the Keystone XL pipeline and Dakota Access pipelines.
    • He also signed three other related orders that would:
      • expedite the environmental permitting process for infrastructure projects related to the pipelines;
      • direct the Commerce Department to streamline the manufacturing permitting process; and
      • give the Commerce Department 180 days to maximize the use of U.S. steel in the pipeline.Pushing for relief from the costs imposed by Obamacare
  • Reinstating a ban on public funds for international organizations that perform or advocate for abortion
    • An order to reinstate the so-called “Mexico City Policy” – a ban on federal funds to international groups that perform abortions or lobby to legalize or promote abortion. The policy was instituted in 1984 by President Reagan, but has gone into and out of effect depending on the party in power in the White House.Freezing both new regulations and federal hiring
  • Executive Order Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal
    • It orders agencies to “waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation of any provision or requirement” of ObamaCare that imposes a “fiscal burden on any State or a cost, fee, tax, penalty, or regulatory burden on individuals, families, healthcare providers, health insurers, patients, recipients of healthcare services, purchasers of health insurance, or makers of medical devices, products, or medications.”
  • President Trump pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on Monday
    • He signed a notice that the U.S. will begin withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Trump called the order “a great thing for the American worker.”
      President Trump is re-negotiating NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) in effect since Bill Clinton’s administration
  • Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies
    • An order imposing a hiring freeze for some federal government workers as a way to shrink the size of government. This excludes the military, as Trump noted at the signing.
  • President Trump met with Union Leaders and rank-and-file members at the White House. Douglas McCarron, president of United Brotherhood of Carpenters said: “it hit home for the people who have been hurting.”  Sean McGarvey, president of N.American’s Building Trades Unions: “By far the best meeting” he had in Washington. These construction unions may be willing to work with President Trump on infrastructure spending.  House Speaker Paul Ryan is set to “carve out space” in the budget for an “expansive” plan.
    • Business leaders had their turn meting with President Trump as well. President Trump promised to improve business climate with fewer regulations, lower taxes. He will get tough with companies moving jobs overseas and CEOs seemed to get the message.
  • President Trump has reshaped how he deals with the press by calling on non-mainstream news outlets first at the daily briefing, leaving wires and major TV networks waiting their turn.
  • President Trump signed executive orders on Immigration and on Mexico Border Wall, Targets U.S. ‘Sanctuary Cities’.”
    • “We have been talking about this from the beginning.” President Trump signed the orders at the Department of Homeland security headquarters. IMMEDIATE WORK TO BEGIN ON THE BORDER. “Today the United States gets control of the borders.” President Donald J. Trump
  • President Trump met with car makers
    •  General Motors (GM) CEO Mary Barra, Ford (F) CEO Mark Fields and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCAU) CEO Sergio Marchionne joined Trump at the White House, where regulatory reform, corporate taxes and trade were topics of discussion.
    • Toyota made a separate announcement that its factory in Princeton, Ind., will add 400 jobs under a $600 million investment. The money will be used to modernize the facility and meet growing demand for the Highlander SUV, according to Toyota. The project will begin in the fall of 2019.
  • Trump drafted an order seeking review on terror interrogations
  • President Trump tweets about Chicago ‘carnage,” says he may ‘send in the Feds’ if not fixed.

President Trump just said to the American People “You Will Never Be Ignored Again”


Wow! Bill Ayers Helped Organize Violent Protests in D.C.

Look who’s friend helped organize the DC protests.

Image 1-23-17 at 11.55 PM.jpg

Charges that SHOULD be brought: Civil disobedience, inciting a riot, destruction of public property, threatening the White House, public nudity, using children to carry obscene signs with mature content, using celebrities to incite violence towards the President of the United States and his followers. And who’s calling who a “nazi”???


So, it seems that Bill Ayers, close friend of Barack Obama, helped organize the violent protests in D.C. during President Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration weekend. Domestic Terrorist, Bill Ayers, one of the founders of the “Weather Underground”, also launched Obama’s political career at his Chicago home. Obama was financially backed by Billionaire George Soros and the rumor is that Soros was involved in the D.C. women’s march.

Per Breitbart, “According to declassified FBI reports on the Weather Underground, reports the media ignored and were public prior to the 2008 presidential elections, in the section entitled, ‘A Byte Out of History: 1975 Terrorism Flashback: State Department Bombing’ the FBI wrote:”

“Twenty-nine years ago Thursday, an explosion rocked the headquarters of the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C. No one was hurt, but the damage was extensive, impacting twenty offices on three separate floors. Hours later, another bomb was found at a military induction center in Oakland, California, and safely detonated. A domestic terrorist group called the Weather Underground claimed responsibility. Remember them? (emphasis mine)

Who were these extremists? The Weather Underground–originally called the Weathermen, taken from a line in a Bob Dylan song–was a small, violent offshoot of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), created in the turbulent ’60s to promote social change.

When the SDS collapsed in 1969, the Weather Underground stepped forward, inspired by communist ideologies and embracing violence and crime as a way to protest the Vietnam War, racism, and other left-wing aims. “Our intention is to disrupt the empire…to incapacitate it, to put pressure on the cracks,” claimed the group’s 1974 manifesto, Prairie Fire. By the next year, the group had claimed credit for 25 bombings and would be involved in many more over the next several years.”

Well now that there is a new President Donald J. Trump in the White House that believes in law and order, the FBI could reopen the case and re-examine all the evidence and reevaluate Bill Ayers’ threat to America.  Also, the intelligence community should look into George Soros. Soros makes it his business to meddle in our elections (voting machines), inaugurations, backing black lives matter against our Police Officers, drugs, money, political power and anything that destroys our civil order.


Sean Spicer Vents to the Press – It’s Demoralizing When You Keep Trying to Undercut Trump – January 23, 2017 – Rosemary Micallef

Sean Spicer Holds First Press Conference

Sean Spicer, Press Secretary to President Donald Trump expressed his frustration with the Media and how they focus on negative terms every single time they speak about this Administration, or President Donald J. Trump, personally.  Spicer clarified how the media created this fictitious narrative that President Trump has an ongoing feud with the Intelligence community and that it is all manufactured and President Trump wanted the CIA to hear it directly from him.

As far as the crowd size during the Inauguration, Spicer went on to say:

“It’s not just about a crowd size, it’s about this constant you know he’s not going to
run then if he runs, he’s going to drop out, that if you run he can’t win, no way you can win Pennsylvania.  He can’t win Michigan …..if you want…’s always didn’t, there’s this constant……..seem to undercut the enormous support that he has and I think it’s just unbelievably frustrating when you’re continually told it’s not big enough, it’s not good enough, you can’t win and, I’m gonna get ripped because I, I think it’s important, he’s gone out there and defied the odds over and over and over again and he keeps getting told what he can’t do by this narrative that’s out there. And he exceeded every single time and I think, there’s an overall frustration when you open, when you turn on the television, over and over again and get told that there’s this narrative that you didn’t, win you weren’t going to run you can’t pick up this state, that’s not, you know, that that’s a fool’s errand to go to Pennsylvania, why is he in Michigan? how silly? They will never vote for a Republican…. he didn’t win that and then people aren’t anything or John Lewis……It’s frustrating for not just him but I think so many of us that are trying to work to get this message out and it’s an insulting…..this is a two-way street like we want to have a healthy dialogue not just with you but with the American people because he’s fighting for jobs, he’s fighting to make this country safer but when you’re constantly getting told that can’t be true, we doubted that you can do that, this won’t happen, and that’s the narrative when you turn on television every single day, it’s a little frustrating and I think that for those people around him and the senior team especially with some of the other folks that are either here ….. that gave up their time during the transition they left a job to work for three or four weeks because they’re so committed to having his nominees get through, it’s a little bit demoralizing to turn on the TV day after day in here can’t do this, this guy’s not going to get confirmed, no way they’re going to go through this isn’t just part of the, the conversation that happens in Washington… I’ve never seen it like this Jim, I’ve never and again I’m not looking to go back and forth but, you’re asking for an explanation and I think that it’s important to understand that whether it’s the President himself, the Vice-President, the Senior Team, the Volunteers for the people who are out there just you know in America, that voted for more, walked the streets and put up a sign, that you constantly told no, no, no, and no watch him go, yes, yes, yes, every time and come up to the next hurdle and see someone put a block up gets a little frustrating and I think…….”

And what is most frustrating and stings the most, is the fact that they totally disregard the will of the silent majority that voted President Trump into office.  This disregard of our will, our rights, and our movement, makes it that more evident that in the media’s eyes, we don’t count and their mantra follows the left’s mantra.  Half the country will not disappear to appease the left.  This mantra is what made us all vote for President Trump because he is the only one that cared enough to give up his life for America.




US Constitution, Article II, Section 1
Before he enter on the execution of his office, he shall take the following oath or affirmation: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

proxy.jpgFamiliar “thumbs up” that reassures us that everything will be ok. We are so proud President Trump.

16113377_1841318952750499_513105199074984504_o.jpg   Captured this last night as POTUS Donald J. Trump sits at his desk in the Oval Office for the first time in the The White House. Dan Scavino

16105914_1841049409444120_3498717536077798752_n.jpgOur 45th POTUS Donald J. Trump & First Lady Melania Trump. Beautiful evening for them & the entire family. One that will never be forgotten…. — in Washington, D.C. Dan Scavino

16143029_1840480262834368_8623245130386800617_n.jpgOn behalf of the entire Trump family, THANK YOU AMERICA! Lets come TOGETHER, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! — at Lincoln Memorial.

16114616_1841489152733479_3226937681982523359_n.jpg   Hello #washingtondc 


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