“The American Dream is Back.” Donald J. Trump Met with Small Business Leaders at the White House Today, January 30, 2017

President Trump mentioned in passing about his outstanding cabinet and how Democrats are playing politics with his cabinet’s confirmations. He said: “they are taking their sweet time.” He also mentioned Chuck Schumer and his “fake tears” and what a good actor he is. I totally agree!

The democrats are doing everything possible in the eyes of the world to stop President Trump in all his initiatives, the same initiatives we voted him in to accomplish. The left is coordinating with Radical Islam to go against the Will of the American People and our mandates to President Trump, and the Constitution.  We ARE a nation of laws, but the left thinks that with loud demonstrations, cries of discrimination, fake news and prepared staged videos and photos of so-called “families being torn apart” is going to sway us the American public. Hell no! It Will NOT.  We suffered eight long years under the Obama regime and now that Radical Islamic Terrorism and the left are loosing their grip on America, they start crying foul on Trump’s “Extreme Vetting” Plans, plans he clearly announced during his campaign.  What President Trump is doing is upholding the laws and dealing with the mess OBAMA left him. Obama left everything tied in knots to make President Trump look bad. But guess what, President Obama, we know you play dirty. These demonstrators go against the rule of law, our sovereignty, our immigrations laws and our Constitution, and we all know it. They are pro-illegal immigration, pro-illegals, pro-Radical Islam, pro-anarchism. We, the American public are dismissed as the bad guy. No Longer!

President Trump confirmed that Tuesday night he will announce his Very “big” decision on the United States Supreme Court from the White House at 8:00 p.m.

During this meeting, President Trump met with successful small business Leaders at the White House and spoke with them in detail, the Press was present also. President Trump said he loves small business because that’s how he started, with a “small business”that grew into what he has today.  He loves both small and large business. He also said that big business are coming back into Michigan with Ford. General Motors is making big announcements. Fiat-Chrysler made big announcements. Lockheed is expanding as well as Boeing and with new hirings and cutting pricing.

President Trump mentioned the pipelines were approved and spoke about where the pipes were made, in others places and China. We are going to use our pipes to be manufactured with United States Steel and fabricated in the United States by our workers. Small business is a big part of America’s economic success “we are bringing it all back” said President Trump. He wants to make it easier for small business. He wants to simplify, reduce, eliminate regulations and for large businesses as well.

President Trump said “The American Dream is Back.” We are going to create an environment for small business like we have not had in many decades.”

Isn’t President Trump a breath of fresh air! Wow, I feel better just listening to him. Thank you President Trump for bringing hope back to America!


Dear Trumper Ladies, Please Watch This! Liberals Attacking Omarosa and Her Response Is Priceless!!!!!


AMERICA, look at what an intelligent, accomplished Trump woman looks like, Omarosa!!! Trump empowers women, he is a powerful force for good all around him and surrounds himself with only the best talent.

During this entire segment, thirteen minutes, Joy Behar’s posture was defensive, her comments and demeanor were insulting and Omarosa rose above it and kept her professional composure. One of the hosts stated the criticism from the African-American community is that President Trump is using Omarosa for the optics and her response was right on point: “First of all no one uses me!” Omarosa said, “I earned my way to the White House, no one gave me anything.” She went on to speak about the voting percentages of the African-American community and the fact that President Trump got 13% of the African-American vote, he doubled what Romney had.

And then, Bam! Omarosa let Joy Behar have it, several times. Watch, enjoy, relish. We all love Omarosa, class, brains, powerful speaker, beauty. Thank you Omarosa, you make us all proud! President Trump, excellent Choice for Director of Communications of Pubic Liaison.



Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President with Chris Wallace

Conway defends Trump immigration ban, ripped press ‘a new one’ over bias


Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Donald J. Trump, spoke with Fox News Sunday.  Chris Wallace grilled and tried to imply that what President Trump is doing is illegal, that there is protests throughout the country and that now federal judges have stepped in to temporarily block deportation. Conway explained to him that what the Obama judge in Brooklyn, an Obama appointee, Stay of Order does not affect the Executive Order at all,  because the executive order is prospective, its preventing not detaining. So you are talking about 325,000 people from overseas came in yesterday through our airports.  You are talking about 300 and some who have been detained or who have been prevented from gaining access to an aircraft in their home country, and must stay for now, that’s 1%.  In terms of the upside being greater protection of our borders over people, is a small price to pay.  I am told by the officials that anyone who has been detained, if there is not further threat, if they are not dangerous to this country, they can expect to be released in due course, as most of them have already.  Conway said that all situations will be handled in a case-by-case basis.  Wallace tried to make it that we are separating families and Conway responded that the families being vetted is temporary, compared to the 3,000 or so children of those families in 9/11 who will never ever again see their families .

Wallace tried to say that as many Christians as Muslims had been accepted into this country on 2016.  He mentioned that President Trump is barring people from seven countries: Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia.  But not from: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  Conway explained that this list was offered by President Obama and his Administration.  In 2015, Congress passed the Terrorist Prevention Act that actually identified these seven countries as a threat with a history of training, exporting terrorists. Conway mentioned that this is week “ONE” of President Trump’s Administration and President Trump will continue to identify threats and risks.  Conway stated that people cannot have it both ways with President Trump saying that he is not taking the briefings, yes he is.  The political media are not getting daily briefings like our President is, they are not National Security Intelligence Experts.  Conway asked “what about the 46 majority muslim countries that are not being prevented from entering this country. Right there it totally undercuts this theory of a muslim ban.” This ban is a ban of those seven countries perspective travel, trying to prevent terrorists into this country from countries that have a recent history of training and importing terrorists.

They also spoke about the Mexican President Nieto. Conway said that was a mutual cancellation. They spoke for an hour. It’s not great that we have a 60 Billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico. They allow people and drugs to enter this country, they have no respect of our sovereignty. President Trump will start construction of the border wall and has given our great people to protect our border.  They spoke about the 20% option of tariffs and not a trade war. Mexicans sending money back into Mexico is hurting America Conway said. Conway also stated: “what about the parents that have lost their children to these drugs?”

Conway spoke about President Trump being a pro-life president and he will appoint pro-life judges to the Supreme Court.  They also spoke about the media and how they have no integrity.  Conway went on to say how badly President Trump was treated during the elections, and how biased the media is. Conway asked the media to: “listen more.” With a Free Press comes responsibility she stated.  Conway: “My major grievance is that the media does not cover us fairly.”




Elizabeth Warren FAILS to Disclose $1.3 Million Line of CREDIT 

Sen. ELIZABETH WARREN IS TOTALLY against President Trump, your votes, your rights, your freedoms, your daughters. She is a senator going against her pledge of allegiance to the U.S.A. That she took when she took office.  She needs to be sued, disbarred. She taught law at several universities throughout the country and specifically at the University of Texas School of Law, The University of Pennsylvania Law School, and most recently at Harvard Law School. She specializes in bankruptcy law. She was an assistant and advisor to President Barack Obama. She has been in the senate since 2011. So this woman knows the law and YET She is breaking it. Someone that oversees what senators should do, must look into her immoral, unconstitutional behavior. She has been a thorn in our side for a while now, and now she has decided to go against our vote, Our President Donald J. Trump and we can’t have this.  The democrats had a love affair with President Obama and made America unlivable, a cesspool of unconstitutional immorality together with Senator Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  Those days are over and we must stand up and support our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights as US citizens and Our President Donald J Trump. We have been mortified, killed, raped, and mentally tortured for eight years and we have voted our conscience for the whole world to see.  This is over now.  Let’s band together and stand up for liberty.



Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has failed to disclose a $1.3 million line of credit provided to her by Bank of America, the Washington Free Beacon reports:
Warren argued that financial disclosures are needed to ‘reveal potentially damaging information that may undermine fitness to serve’ and that nominees with ‘complex financial histories’ need to be ‘forthcoming and transparent.’ Warren, meanwhile, continues to skirt congressional ethics laws by failing to include a $1.3 million line of credit against her Cambridge, Massachusetts, home on financial disclosure forms.


AFDI Videos on FGM and Fake Passports at Immigration

This is a very good video from Sean Hannity with Pamela Geller to watch and listen to for those on the left that go around waiving signs welcoming the refugees from the Middle East.   These same people go around accusing and calling us and President Trump racists and are willing to sacrifice the future of their wives, daughters, grand-daughters and so on. How selfish and ignorant is that?   But one very important thing they do not understand, is the fact that Islam has a partner, it’s Sharia Law. This law goes against the very foundation and credo of the United States of America. We are a sovereign nation and we choose, via our Constitution, laws and votes, what goes on in America, no one else. Oh, and also, this is a Judeo-Christian Nation. In 1952, Islam was banned from the USA and this very information was kept under wraps during the Obama administration. So now, since Obama did not uphold that law, 16 states have banned Sharia Law from their books and we have yet to see how President Trump will handle this most horrendous situation for Americans. Who is Obama, the UN, CAIR, George Soros, the left to try to rewrite and inflict this vile Sharia Law over us Americans.  Just know that you will have the fight of your lives, we will not shut up, we will not sit down, we will prevail.

The UN and CAIR, George Soros, et al. have been working overtime to speed up the Islamization of America, the brainwashing of our children via Common Core. We are not going to idly sit by and allow this to take place in America. We the Silent Majority have legally spoken and voted on November 8, 2016 to change the course of America’s future. We have spoken and no foreign entity shall have their say over us. Just by watching what is going on in Europe and how their lives have been destroyed, is enough for us Americans.  Another thing, Illegals do not have the right to American citizenship, it is a privilege.  People do not have the right to enter this country and demand anything from it.  A citizen is a participatory member of a political community. Citizenship is gained by meeting the legal requirements of a national, state, or local government. A nation grants certain rights and privileges to its citizens. In return, citizens are expected to obey their country’s laws and defend it against its enemies.

The most shocking thing is that the people on the left are NOT DEFENDING THE RULE OF LAW in America, they are just defending for the sake of partisanship and by ignorance. We are being infiltrated by foreign agents and foreign allegiances that come here to divide and conquer.  Let me just tell you that American Trump citizens are loyal to their country and will maintain control of this nation, come what may.  

P.S. It was Senator Elizabeth Warren at JFK that started this entire mess. She is aiding and abetting foreigners, she is a senator? This is the Oath she took!  “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”


President Trump Delivers Weekly Address – January 28, 2017

While on the campaign trail, then President-Elect Trump stated: “It’s going to happen, you’ll see, it’s going to happen quickly.” I don’t know if anyone took him literally, but this first week is proof of President Trump’s intentions for America. In this day and age in government, it takes 2-3 years for something to materialize in government. We see now that President Donald Trump has a totally different frame of mind, a different philosophy than what most people in government have thought up until now.  He says what he means, and he means what he says. We have a “mover” and a “shaker” in the White House. God Bless All HIS plans for America.

President Trump met with the leaders of top manufacturing companies and labor unions. The President has plans to make things in America and wants to hire American workers. Many companies have just announced that they are no longer moving jobs out of the country and are keeping and creating jobs right here in America.  President Trump is keeping and fulfilling his promises to the American People!


  • An Order to prepare for Repealing and Replacing Obamacare.

  • Withdrawal from TPP so we can negotiate one-on-one deals to protect American workers.

  • An Order to begin Construction of the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines, following a renogiation of terms with the requirement that pipelines installed in America be built with American steel and manufactured here.

  • A directive to expedite permits for new infrastructure and new manufacturing plants.

  • An order to immediately begin the border wall and to crack down on sanctuary cities. “They are not safe, we have to take care of that horrible situation.” President Trump

Trump’s Administration has hit the ground running at a record pace. They are doing it with “speed” and “intelligence.”  Trump will never stop fighting for the American people.

I don’t know about you, but I feel elated, reassured, protected and loved by this President.  The new infrastructure plans for America will open up the doors to countless jobs, better living, a new, brighter future. Instead of people protesting outside, they will be going to their new jobs, being able to plan a future, buy a house, a new car, improve their healthcare and feel safer in their communities.  What incredible outlook for us.

This Administration wants to make America Wealthy Again and here are President Trump’s 7-Steps that he is going to pursue right away to Bring Jobs back to America:

  1. Withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific partnership, because it is not ratified.

  2. Appoint the toughest, smartest (“and I know them all”) trade negotiators to fight on behalf of America workers.

  3. President Trump is going to direct the Secretary of Commerce to identify every violation of trade agreements.

  4. President Trump will tell our NAFTA partners that he intends to immediately renegotiate the terms of that agreement to get a better deal by a lot for our workers.

  5. President Trump is going to instruct the Treasury Secretary to label China a currency manipulator which should have been done years ago.

  6. President Trump will instruct the U.S. Trade Representative to bring trade cases against China, both in this country and at the WTO.

  7. IF CHINA DOES NOT STOP ITS ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES, INCLUDING ITS theft of American trade secrets, President Trump will use every lawful presidential power to remedy trade disputes, including the application of tariffs.

President Trump plans it, believes it, is implementing it, and WE in America will be the recipients of his masterful plan.  God bless President Trump!!!


TRUMP’S First Week – “Everybody Now Exhale” as Pamela Geller Says

Pamela Geller Facebook Livestream 1/27/2017

“EVERYBODY NOW EXHALE!!! This is what freedom is supposed to look like. We have been set free.  Everyday is Christmas! Less than a week since President Trump took office and he has delivered on his campaign promises.” And, Yes, as Pamela Geller says, “we have been living under the boot of leftist autocrats.”

What an exciting week of positive happenings. President Trump has really has given us back a feeling of control and well-being. When was the last time we heard these many positives happening so fast, so close, so real.  We must keep bowing our heads to God, praying for Him to continue protecting and guiding President Trump and all those around him.

I have compiled for you a list of what President Trump has accomplished.  He signed these 12 Executive Orders this week:

  • ACA rollback. Waive the requirements of the Affordable Care Act to the maximum extent permitted by law

  • Regulation Freeze. President Trump has frozen all regulations now in process until they are approved by him or an agency after he took office. Any orders signed by President Obama are on hold until reviewed by President Trump.

  • Abortion. President trump has ordered that federal dollars cannot go to organizations that provide abortion services.

  • TPP. Memorandum withdraws U.S. from Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and signing the trade deal.

  • Federal hiring freeze. The president has told agencies they cannot fill any vacant positions or open new ones, except’ Military, Critical public safety positions.

  • Speeding approval 1) Dakota Access and 2) Keystone Oil Pipelines. President Trump ordered permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline be approved in an expedited manner, including easements or rights-of-way to cross federal areas. President Trump invited Trans-Canada to resubmit its application for a pipeline permit, directed State Dept. issue a final decision on application within 60-days.

  • Speeding up environmental reviews for all priority infrastructure. President Trump ordered that agencies and the chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality work together to set up faster deadlines, environmental approval for “high priority” infrastructure projects. It gives significant power and responsibility to the White House Council on Environmental Quality chairman, who will decide within 30 days if a proposed project is “high priority.” (The president has not yet nominated a new CEQ chairman.)

  • American steel in pipelines. President Trump directed the Commerce Secretary to come up with a plan to ensure that all pipelines built or repaired in the United States be constructed with American-made materials “to the maximum extent possible.”

  • Review manufacturing regulations. This memorandum, the president ordered the Commerce Secretary to begin a 60-day review of regulations for American manufacturers, with the aim of finding ways to speed up permitting and all federal processes for them. Source

  • Deportations and Sanctuary cities. This is also a longer order with several major pieces (as above, no public link yet). The president has directed agencies to step up deportation of those in the country illegally. First, he prioritizes seven groups of people for deportation. It is anyone: convicted of a crime, charged with a crime, who has committed a chargeable offense, has misrepresented themselves to the government, has abused a welfare program, who is under deportation order and who may “in the judgment of an immigration officer, otherwise pose a risk to public safety or national security.”

  • Border Wall. In this order, President Trump states it is the policy of the United States to immediately construct a wall on the southern border. The order directs agencies to begin planning and identify funding for the project, including sending requests to Congress. It also directs agencies to construct or contract out for more detention facilities at or near the Mexican border.

    This order also directs the hiring of an additional 5,000 border patrol agents, subject to funding. And it requires that all agencies identify any U.S. aid funds that have gone to Mexico in the past five years. (We are still awaiting an online link and will post when it appears.)


Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to POTUS Speech – March for Life 2017, Washington, DC

“I am Kellyanne Conway. I am a wife. A mother. A Catholic. Counselor to the President of the United States of America and “Yes” I am pro-life!”

“It is such an honor to stand with the Vice President of the United States and with so many, leaders, families and students from places near and far to defend the unborn. Your courage,  your conviction, your resolve and your faith are impressive and consequential. This is a new day, a new dawn for life.

Why are we here?

What does it mean to stand together to be part of this incredible movement to face criticism, ridicule, laws and lawmakers, that diminish and erode our most basic right and the bedrock of our society. It means to protect and to promote the most precious gift in the world, the gift of life. It means to stand up, stand tall, and stand together against the indifference and the indefensible and to stand up, stand tall and stand together on behalf of babies in the womb.

It is no coincidence that the first right cited in the declaration of independence is the right to life. It is a right, it is not a privilege, it is not a choice, it is God-given, it is unique and it is beautiful.  This dismissive notion of out of sight, out of mind is over. Science and medicine have joined religion and morality in causing many Americans to rethink just how fragile and how triumphant human life truly is.  Look at a sonogram, meet a thriving toddler who was born at 24-weeks and who, with proper medical intervention, goes on to have a long and healthy life. Speak to the many women who have faced challenges becoming and remaining pregnant and then welcomed to a miracle. Talk to the couples who are now parents because adoption, not abortion, was the best choice. Every day is a fight for life.  Yet today, is also a celebration of life, it is a time to lift your voices and lift your spirits.

Steps away from here in the White House, A resident and vice president sit at their desks and make decisions for a Nation as they sit there, they stand here with you! Their impassioned defenses of life as presidential candidates showed a nation that courage and commitment can overcome indifference and insults and their decisive actions as president and vice president will further this conversation and this cause.

This is a time of incredible promise for the pro-life production movement. Our message and are positive action must also reach those women who faced unplanned pregnancies, they should know they are not alone they are not judged, they too are protected and cared for and celebrated. So, to the March for Life 2017, allow me to make it very clear:

We hear you, we see you, we respect you, and we look forward to working with you; And, yes we walk we march we run and we endeavour forward with you. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.” Kellyanne Conway


TODAY IS: International Holocaust Remembrance Day – Never Forget


As we all know, President Donald J. Trump has a special bond of honor and affection with the Jewish State and its people and a great relationship with Israeli Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu. NETANYAHU  is the first Israeli prime minister born in Israel after the establishment of the State. I have a special bond with the Jewish people and I share this in their honor.

TODAY IS: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

A wonderful young man reached out to me today, his name is Tal Drori, Owner, Founder, CEO of Tal Drori Broadcasting & Media Production Company in NYC, and on Facebook @Drorital7.  He reminded me that Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I am asking that we all please pray for the Jewish people. Please stop for a few minutes, REMEMBER, and pray for all the souls of the dearly departed that suffered in that horrendous genocide.

These are his words.

Nobody in my university has mentioned the Holocaust Remembrance Day.. so I had to remind them 😞
On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we remember the 6 million men, women and children killed simply because they were Jewish. They will remain forever in our thoughts and prayers. TAL DRORI

Source: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

On November 1, 2005, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 60/7 to designate January 27 as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The date marks the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau and is meant to honor the victims of Nazism. The same resolution supports the development of educational programs to remember the Holocaust and to prevent further genocide.

Resolution 60/7 not only establishes January 27 as “International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust,” it also rejects any form of Holocaust denial. The resolution encourages member states of the UN to actively preserve sites that the Nazis used during the “Final Solution” (for example, killing centers, concentration camps, and prisons.) Drawing from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the resolution condemns all forms of “religious intolerance, incitement, harassment or violence against persons or communities based on ethnic origin or religious belief” throughout the world.


President Trump’s Answer to Mexico

It is amazing what one man can do when his motives are true and he has a pure heart driven by Love of Country! President Trump #LovesAmerica #LovesUS !

What did the past three president lack that they did not accomplish a tenth of what President Trump has already accomplished in a week.  Is it because they didn’t want to or is it that they had a different agenda?  All I know is that WE ARE BLESSED by GOD above to have such a great man in the White House to protect us and who cares about what we think, feel as citizens of this great Country.

I am so upset about what Mexico’s President, Enrique Pena Nieto, is trying to do. He thinks that he can dictate to President Trump what He can do in his own Country and Administration.  President Nieto vows to protect Illegals living in the US from President Trump?  President Nieto, this is not a dialogue, our Sovereignty is not up for discussion and neither is our border!

Here is what you will do President Nieto. Take all the drug lords, drugs, criminals, rapists that you allowed to leave Mexico and you will take them back and you pay for them, and you deal with the outcome. It is not our problem or duty to take care of your people.  Grow up, put on big boy pants and deal with it.  Mexico has gotten away with quite a lot forever. This all stops here and now. This is America!!!