President Trump Presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jim Ryun – The White House – 7/24/2020


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Jim Ryun

Birthday: 04/29/47Mile PR: 3:51.1 – 1967 (former world record)
Metric Mile (1500m) PR: 3:33.1 – 1967 (former WR)
High School: Wichita East HS
Hometown: Wichita, KS
College: University of Kansas ’70
Current Residence: Washington, DC

Personal website:

Jim Ryun, a three-time Olympian at 1500 meters, was a silver medalist at the 1968 Mexico City Games. Ryun, at age 17, was the first high school boy to break 4 minutes for the Mile (3:59.0) in 1964 at the Compton Relays (CA) and his 1965 high school Mile record of 3:55.3 lasted nearly 36 years before Alan Webb broke it at the Prefontaine Classic in 2001. Ryun also has run the most sub-4 minute Miles for a high schooler, five (5), including the first sub-4 in a high school-only race and the only to-date state meet (3:58.3 at the 1965 Kansas State Meet).

Ryun was a five-time USA champion including three Mile titles and he set outdoor world records at 880, 1966; 1500m, 1967; and Mile (twice), 1966-67. In addition, he broke the U.S. record for the outdoor Mile four times once as a high school senior, twice as a college freshman and once as a sophomore at Kansas University. His 3:51.1 U.S. Mile record lasted more than 14 years before Steve Scott broke the standard in 1981. Ryun also set the indoor Mile WR (3:56.4, tie) in 1971 (only one of 4 men to hold indoor & outdoor Mile WRs).

In 1966, the Kansas University graduate won the Sullivan Award and was Sports Illustrated’s ‘‘Sportsman of the Year”, and in 2003, selected Ryun as the best high school athlete ever over LeBron James and Tiger Woods. Overall, Jim Ryun has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated seven times, the most of any track & field athlete.

In addition, he is the only American athlete to be world-ranked #1 in the 1500m / Mile in back-to-back years (1966-67).

Ryun later served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1996 to 2007, representing the 2nd District in Kansas.

In 2018, Jim Ryun was fittingly one of 30 athletes inducted into the National High School Track & Field Hall of Fame, inaugural class.

FUN FACT: Jim Ryun was the first athlete to set a Mile world record by running every lap under 60 seconds: (57.9, 57.6 [1:55.5], 59.8 [2:55.3], 56.0), clocking 3:51.3 in Berkeley, CA on July 17, 1966.

FUN FACT II: Ryun is also the last American male to hold the outdoor Mile world record, his epic 3:51.1 in Bakersfield, CA on June 23, 1967.

Photo credit: Track & Field News



LIVE: President Trump Holds a Press Conference 7/22/20


President Trump Delivers Remarks on Operation Legend: Combating Violent Crime in American Cities – The White House – 7/22/2020

President Trump Delivers Remarks on Operation Legend: Combating Violent Crime in American Cities

The White House:


Right Side Broadcasting:



TURN OFF YOUR “Tele” “Vision” – You are being brainwashed – 7/21/2020

WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING on? Turn off your “tele” “vision”. The deep state created the TV to brainwash you Mr and Mrs America. IT’S CALLED OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.

YOU CAN’T keep the Freedom you have without fighting for all you LOVE. You need to fight NOW, while you have a chance. China, Islam, Soros, Anarchists, Antifa, BLM, they all want Our Country to destroy it and make it so that it is used to enslave us while they enrich themselves.

Change your thinking and change your life.  You need discipline and mental strength. The only way you get that is by eating right, praying to GOD almighty for power and protection and guidance. You do what is right every minute of the day and never, ever give up. WE can do THIS America!


ciasuseofjournal00unit (click here to see the actual cia manual)


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They want you drinking the Chlorinated and Fluoride water so that you remain passive while YOU consume all the lies they manufacture on the boob tube.  All this, while they take over the world.  Research:  FLUORIDE


Want good news sources after you turn off your tv?

Here they are:

There are enough youtube accounts that are connected to or Decode the drops.

Follow all the patriots at the Hub and you won’t need to turn your tv on anymore.

I strongly suggest you do this in order to save America before China and all our enemies win and we lose everything.  Thank you! and God Bless You!

LIVE: President Trump Holds a Press Conference ON COVID19 – 7/21/20

PRESIDENT TRUMP holds a Press Conference ON COVID19 – 7/21/2020


Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of coronavirus cover-up – 7/18/2020

FOX NEWS has an exclusive with Dr LI-MENG YAN – HONG KONG SCIENTIST.  THE FBI is vetting her credentials.

AMERICA needs to wake up to who the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are: an existential threat to the U.S. from vaccinations, to Stealing U.S.  Intellectual Property, to building islands in the pacific to have more access to other countries and threaten maritime waters.  China is a Threat to National Security and the world.


Hours before she boarded an April 28 Cathay Pacific flight to the United States, the respected doctor who specialized in virology and immunology at the Hong Kong School of Public Health had plotted her escape, packing her bag and sneaking past the censors and video cameras on campus.

She had her passport and her purse and was about to leave all of her loved ones behind. If she was caught, she knew she could be thrown in jail — or, worse, rendered one of the “disappeared.”

Yan told Fox News in an exclusive interview that she believes the Chinese government knew about the novel coronavirus well before it claimed it did. She says her supervisors, renowned as some of the top experts in the field, also ignored research she was doing at the onset of the pandemic that she believes could have saved lives

She adds that they likely had an obligation to tell the world, given their status as a World Health Organization reference laboratory specializing in influenza viruses and pandemics, especially as the virus began spreading in the early days of 2020.

Yan, now in hiding, claims the government in the country where she was born is trying to shred her reputation and accuses government goons of choreographing a cyber-attack against her in hopes of keeping her quiet.

Yan believes her life is in danger. She fears she can never go back to her home and lives with the hard truth that she’ll likely never see her friends or family there again.

Still, she says, the risk is worth it.

“The reason I came to the U.S. is because I deliver the message of the truth of COVID,” she told Fox News from an undisclosed location.

She added that if she tried to tell her story in China, she “will be disappeared and killed.”





Live: White House Briefing with Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany – 7/21/2020

Watch Live: White House Briefing with Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany 7/21/20



AG William Barr Makes Remarks on China Policy – Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum – 7/20/2020

China is ruled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Chinese people are also victims of the CCP and live in terror.




Message from “Q”

Humanity is good, but, when we let our guard down we allow darkness to infiltrate and destroy.

Like past battles fought, we now face our greatest battle at present, a battle to save our Republic, our way of life, and what we decide (each of us) now will decide our future.

Will we be a free nation under God?

Or will we cede our freedom, rights and liberty to the enemy?

We all have a choice to make. .

Evil [darkness] has never been so exposed to light.

They can no longer hide in the shadows.

Our system of government has been infiltrated by corrupt and sinister elements.

Democracy was almost lost forever.

Think HRC install: [2+] Supreme Court Justices, 200+ judges, rogue elements expanded inside DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, WH, STATE, …….removal 2nd amendment, border etc. ……… America for sale: China, Russia, Iran, Syria…….ISIS & AL Q expansion…….expansion surv of domestic citizens…….modify/change voter rules and regulations allow illegals+ballot harvesting w/ SC backed liberal-social opinion………sell off of military to highest bidder to fight internal long-standing wars……..

Their thirst for a one world order [destruction of national sovereignty] serves to obtain control over America [and her allies [think EU]] by diluting your vote to oblivion and installing a new one world ruling party.

The start of this concept began with organizations such as: world health org, world trade org, united nations, ICC, NATO, etc., [all meant to weaken the United States] also the formation of EU through threat [con] of close proximity attack [attack on one is an attack on all – sales pitch to gen public – fear control].

Re: EU _did each member nation cede sovereignty to Brussels?

Re: EU _each member must implement EU rules and regulations in all areas [think immigration, currency, overall control].

Their thirst to remove your ability to defend yourself serves to prevent an uprising to challenge their control.

There is a fundamental reason why our enemies dare not attack [invade] our borders [armed citizenry].

If America falls so does the world.

If America falls darkness will soon follow.

Only when we stand together, only when we are united, can we defeat this highly entrenched dark enemy.

Their power and control relies heavily on an uneducated population.

A population that trusts without individual thought.

A population that obeys without challenge.

A population that remains outside of free thought, and instead, remains isolated living in fear inside of the closed-loop echo chamber of the controlled mainstream media.

This is not about politics.

This is about preserving our way of life and protecting the generations that follow.

We are living in Biblical times.

Children of light vs children of darkness.

United against the Invisible Enemy of all humanity.


Live: President Trump Delivers Remarks on Rolling Back Regulations to Help All Americans – The White House – 7/16/2020

Thursday, July 16, 2020: Watch Live as President Trump Delivers Remarks on Rolling Back Regulations to Help All Americans – Transcript to Follow.


White House Briefing with Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany – 7/16/2020

Thursday, July 16, 2020: White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing from the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room at The White House.

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