Tuesday, December 15 2020: Watch live as White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing from The White House.

President Trump proved naysayers wrong! President Trump got it done! His vaccines: Operation Warpspeed is done! It is now being delivered and injected. America will not be locked up by globalists.  God Bless President Trump!  Historic! God Bless America!




The US Government Was Hacked this Weekend – 12/14/2020

The U.S. Government was hacked by either the Chinese or foreign country. The news media is LYING about it.

SOLARWINDS was hacked. Those hacking our government stopped short of hacking our election.

SolarWinds is part of the Dominion Voter System.  Tell me that this is not war. Most likely China.

Joe Biden is not wanted by any HONORABLE AMERICAN on U.S. Soil. Somehow low energy Biden was elected? Hell No! 

The coup d’etat is still ongoing. We are supposed to believe that the elections results?  Really?

There is evidence that there was voter fraud. The media is lying to help Biden take over America and help the Chinese Communist Party to take hold of America.  

Today is the day for the electoral college to vote for their candidate.  They meet in their own capitol and vote.

The election was hacked and the #FakeNewsMedia are complicit.

We must not tolerate this incredible crime spree. Our votes were stolen.

We will know by 2:00 pm what will happen. God save America!

Source: Ed Martin, WYNK


and following is a story from Gateway Pundit of what happened this weekend. 

BREAKING BIG: CISA Emergency Directive Calls on ALL Federal Civilian Agencies to Review Compromise and Disconnect or Power Down SolarWinds Orion Products Immediately



AMERICA is in a very bad place when the FBI is caught holding Seth Rich’s laptop after they said they didn’t have it.

The FBI doesn’t care about IN YOUR FACE EVIDENCE OF VOTER FRAUD by the Democrat party.  The FBI, CIA and now DOJ are not interested in any crimes. They only cared about the fake Russian Dossier and crucifying President Trump with lies.

As I said in my title, DC needs a purging of all Traitors, Communists, Infiltrators from all over the world and those who are U.S. citizens and WHO SHOULD know better.

OUR COUNTRY is being torn apart by those same people who executed JFK. Traitors. If we don’t fix this voter fraud vs. the American people, America will be forever lost. Do you realize that? Get involved.

Pray for America, Pray for this Work, Pray for President Trump.  He will have to make some very tough decisions soon that the left won’t like.  Criminals cannot walk free while helping our enemies who are trying to enslave us with communism.

Secretary Pompeo Delivers Remarks Regarding the Chinese Communist Party – 12/10/2020

Video Begins at 37:11
Listen to every word coming out of Secretary Pompeo’s mouth. TRUTH IS COMING OUT OF HIS MOUTH regarding the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). How the CCP has infiltrated America on every level with the help of those who are compromised by China. They are beholden to the CCP, receiving money every month. 
Colleges have been brainwashing our children that we now see out there as part of antifa and others fighting against those they deem not worthy to have rights to peacefully protest, to speak their truth. They were brainwashed in college to shut free speech down as as puppets of the CCP.  This is America today.



President Trump Delivers Remarks at an Operation Warp Speed Vaccine – 12/8/2020

Tuesday, December 8, 2020: Join the RSBN crew for live coverage from Washington, DC as President Trump delivers remarks at an Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Summit




While we work our fingers to the bone, long hours, sacrifice to pay our taxes and support our families, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been planning America’s demise.

CHINA declared war on America a long time ago !!! We are under attack from the Chinese Communist Party – The deep state CCP have infiltrated our country and democrats/RINOS are only too happy to help them.  These Dems/RINOS have sold us off to our enemies for 30 pieces of silver.  OBAMA tried to help them but Trump has the “America First” policy, pro America.

Tucker says the Chinese government has enormous influence on Wall Street.  Since the 1970s China has infiltrated America while our political class stood by and allowed our enemies to degrade our country, allowed drugs to pour into America to kill off our families, and allowed billions to be taken away from us in intellectual property. Why? he says: because dems and RINOS are on the take. They make money off of our misery.  But Then Trump happened and the CCP didn’t like it.

Donald Trump has complained about Hunter Biden and his ties to the Chinese government. This is why social media/media would not allows us to speak about it and banned us on social media, why the media lies to cover up the truth. 

Listen to the video Mr and Mrs America and be mad, very mad. IF DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS, if we don’t unite, we’ll all be going to the slaughterhouse.  CCP scum are planning America’s destruction.  The Biden’s are part of those selling America off to the CCP. Now, that Biden, wants to be our President to continue to destroy America.  The Biden’s are compromised with China and America is their planned victim.

War Room Pandemic – 12/7/2020 PM SHOW Re: 2020 Election Updates

Want an update regarding the 2020 elections. Listen to this Live Right Now: 5:00 pm


American Bolsheviks Marxists conquered the Democratic Party. The Democrat party is now MARXIST and working with Islamists as a battering ram to destroy America. Open Borders, Amnesty and Illegal Aliens are the tools they use to destroy America and end its freedoms.
The foundation of our America is being filled with groups who are fighting against our legal system. They are fighting Capitalism and Christianity. They are fighting the cultural values that made America Strong and Great.  Those infiltrating and changing America want a democracy.  That means replacing our Representative Republic with a “democracy”. Democracy is run by mob rule, the majority mob will control America, not our vote, not our voice, not a Representative Republic.
Your choice is to sit down and watch it happen OR, GET INVOLVED and educate yourselves and study the U.S. Constitution and make your voice heard and get involved. Run for office or America, as we know it will END FOREVER! #WWG1WGA
1 hour of the 6 hour Documovie Sabotage (CLICK HERE)





Lt. General Michael Flynn’s First Interview Since POTUS’ Trump Pardon & – 12/4/2020

WVW-TV Exclusive: Lt. General Michael Flynn’s First Interview Since President Trump’s Pardon

Listen Here:

WVW-TV Exclusive: Lt. General Michael Flynn’s First Interview Since President Trump’s Pardon Includes His Talking About the Ongoing Coup w/ Guest Lt. General McInerney and Mary Fanning.

Tied to Lt. General Michael Flynn, is the following story that has been going around conservative media but the national Media will not share because it exposes their involvement in the coup. says:  
Lt Gen McInerney Reports US Special Forces Attacked CIA Server Farm In Germany In Server Seizure Operation, 5 Soldiers Killed, Servers Secured
Lt General Thomas McInerney and Lt General Michael Flynn gave interviews to WVW Broadcasting Network today. It was Flynn’s first interview since his pardon.
In stunning testimony, McInerney stated his sources have told him U.S. Army Special Forces, possibly the famed Delta Force, raided the CIA-run server farm in Frankfurt, Germany.
5 soldiers were killed in the ensuing firefight, as well as one CIA paramilitary; the CIA personnel were allegedly flown in from Afghanistan for security, according to related news reports. Continued Here….


MIKE ADAMS OF HEALTHRANGER writes that there is a covert war raging across the globe, pitting Trump’s Dod and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) vs. black hat deep state factions running the CIA that interfered with the 2020 election.


For an audio file speaking about all this information, Healthranger provides his Brighteon link below.
Please listen to the video and click on all links. The information is incredible.  We are at war with the deep state embedded in the CIA.  God bless you and your family.  Be prepared and pray non-stop. We need to keep President Trump in office and clean up the mess the deep state left has made via voter fraud.  President Trump and his people are the white hats fighting for America and humanity. Pray for them and their work to save America with GOD AT THE HELM.  Pray for those under the control of the evil one that they will be saved and that their eyes will be opened. 
What you read in this blog has been vetted from trusted sources.  You are also welcome to research on these facts.  It will open up your mind and help you understand what is going on in America and the world, all at the same time.  They want us locked up, not seeking loved ones, not in our places of worship, worshipping GOD and singing His Praises.  Thank you for reading my blog.