President Trump Holds a Cabinet Meeting – 5/19/2020 The White House

Live: President Trump Holds a Cabinet Meeting 5/19/20   Download Now Download Now 3 Error happened.

How Obama SPIED on the Trump Administration as a Police State – Obama’s coup d’état – 5/19/2020

The Obama administration were sabotaging Candidate Donald J. Trump, President Elect Trump and subsequently, President Donald J. Trump. They spied on him and leaked the information.  It was recently uncovered that Obama put spies in the Trump campaign… Read More

President Trump Speaks from the White House – 5/19/2020

5/19/20- President Trump Delivers Remarks on Supporting our Nation’s Farmers, Ranchers, and Food Supply Chain   Download Now   God Bless Our Ranchers and Food Producers for the incredible work you all do! Feeding America is not easy!… Read More

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