Last Week was “Infrastructure Week” – This week is “WorkForce Development Week” – 6/12/2017 – Today POTUS visited Wisconsin to discuss this Program – Apprenticeships to get Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – 6/13/2017

God Be With President #DonaldjTrump – #POTUS continues his plans to #MAGA no matter what snares Dems throw at him. POTUS is a man of his word. I am in, how about you?

President Trump Welcomes the 2016 NCAA Football National Champions: The Clemson Tigers – 6/12/2017

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LIVE NOW – Press Briefing With Press Secretary Sean Spicer – 6/12/2017 – White House

Beginning Shortly 6/12/2017 Press briefing with Sean Spicer – Lots to Discuss – Infrastructure, Jobs, the future of America!