BREAKING: News From American Winning Coalition – Chairman: Steven Rogers — Coalition in Support of President Trump – NJ – 7/19/2018

This past Friday, July 19, 2018 the America Winning Coalition Chairman, Steven Rogers, gave his report on President Trump and his truths and achievements at the Monroe Repulican Club meeting taking place in Monroe, New Jersey.  

President Trump Hosted the Pledge to America’s Workers Event – Special Guest: Ivanka Trump – 7/19/2018 – The White House

Everyone here today is united by the same goal: to train, recruit, hire American workers.  Thanks to our tremendous economic successes — and we’ve had a lot of them.  And we’ve never had — and I have to tell you, as a country, we have never been more successful than we are, exactly, right now, today.  The numbers coming out are beyond what anyone ever thought possible.  President Donald J. Trump

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