Nancy Pelosi Caught on Video Maskless Getting Her Hair Done Inside – 9/1/2020

Nancy Pelosi who tells you to wear your mask and that President Trump slapped science in the face, was caught without a mask at her hairdresser’s salon in San Francisco, getting her hair done, inside.  #Hypocrite Download Now… Read More

Want to know what is truly happening in America? You Need to See This – 9/1/2020

Kenosha, Wisconsin, we’re with you all the way! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 1, 2020 Want to know what is happening in America? Please follow (Various) vetted Patriot Intelligence only: THE DEEP STATE dems were… Read More

President Trump In Wisconsin at a Roundtable and Meeting with Law and Order – Kenosha, WI – 9/1/2020

PRESIDENT TRUMP HELD A ROUNDTABLE WITH Attorney General Bill Barr, Ron Johnson, City leaders, Law and Order leaders, Acting Secretary Chad Wolfe DHS, Pastors, Reince Priebus, David Beth, Daniels Miskus, Zack Rodriguez and many others.   Download Now… Read More