God Given Rights Know No “Color” – Listen to This Patriot – Americans First – Freedom is Our Pursuit – 10/10/2018


So, Senator Chuck Grassley said the FBI Report uncovered: EVIDENCE THAT DEMOCRAT SENATORS on Capitol Hill are falsifying evidence Vs. #Kavanaugh.  These are federal crimes that require investigation.  The left has been getting away with crimes…..and no one is being held accountable.  We have rights as U.S. Citizens to be told the truth.  The Media, the Left are filling the airwaves with lies, no evidence to support it.  This cannot go on.  


Misrepresentations were made to a federal authority.  Who will hold Dr. Blasey Ford accountable? Who will hold Senator Feinstein and Democrats accountable for their lies?  

President Trump must order an investigation and ask the sargent of arms to begin an investigation. 

DEMOCROTAS have become dangerous to govern – President Trump.

If they take back control, they will not follow American ideals, law & Order or the Constitution.  If you are not onboard with the left demonizing you, you are the Third Reich?  If they Can’t beat you, they will impeach you!  Astonishing!

Turn America Red Patriots! It is not longer parties. It is a mob who wants to rule you and hurt you!

God Bless America! 


Three things Americans are entitled to from the government

Fox Insider: “Talking Points Memo,” broke down the three things Americans are entitled to from the government to enable the pursuit of happiness:
1. An effective defense against people who would kill them,
2. An affordable medical system that can alleviate suffering, and
3. Fair access to the free marketplace.

Americans should have three major expectations of their government: security, an affordable medical system and fair access to the marketplace. Due to hackers and leaks, America’s cybersecurity threats are “almost out of control.” Security is America’s most important issue, followed closely by health care. Americans are entitled to an affordable health care system, marked by financial affordability, direct access to physicians of one’s choice, and protection from chaotic “red tape” and delays. Americans should have reasonable access to the marketplace, with sensible guidelines to protect buyers and sellers of goods. Bernie Sanders’ philosophy of being shepherded through life is not what America is all about.

A Conservative Comment on what we believe and want from our government:

Conservatives favor small government and we go against popular social programs.  We don’t want regulations and we argue for lower tax rates across the board. LIBERTARIANS argue that gay marriage should not be outlawed by the government, but those from the Christian Right favor such restrictions. LIBERTARIAN American Conservatives believe in the strict separation of religion and government.  Christians argue in favor of school vouchers, prayer being sanctioned in schools and the use of the Bible for supporting political positions. (Source: reference.com/government politics)