Jay Sekulow discusses Bombshell: Bob Mueller’s team & Mueller wiped their cell phones during Russia Hoax Investigation – Some Multiple Times 9/14/2020

ACLJ: bombshell revelation that Bob Mueller’s team, including Mueller himself, “accidentally” wiped their cell phones during the Russia Hoax investigation. Some of them wiped their phones multiple times.

OBAMA GATE ——- OBAMA’S Coup D’etat Exposed – Judge Jeanine – 5/10/2020

The left’s coup D’etat is now exposed and is Exposed for all to see.  Former President Barack Obama and the Obama/Biden administration were the hub of the Coup! Download Now Rod Rosenstein gave special counsel Bob Mueller the… Read More

Justice Department – Bob Mueller to Make a Statement – 5/29/2019 {UPDATES}

It is shocking to see that Bob Mueller closed the case, without investigating Hillary Clinton and her paying for the Fake Dossier and the dark work from the upper echelon of the FBI, DOJ, et al.  This is… Read More