President Trump Delivered His “America First Healthcare Plan” Vision for America – Charlotte, NC – 9/24/2020

President Trump spoke to the media before leaving for North Carolina and his remarks are shown below.   Remarks by President Trump Before Marine One Departure Issued on:September 24, 2020 THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, everybody.  So we’re going to… Read More

Republican National Convention – RNC Live – Day 2: “Land of Opportunity” – Charlotte, NC – 8/25/2020

Watch with us the Republican National Convention – RNC Live:  Day 2:  “Land of Opportunity” – Charlotte, NC – God Bless You and May GOD Bless America and President Trump!!! Download Now Download Now 0 Error happened.

Republican National Convention – RNC Live – Formal Nomination of President Trump – Charlotte, NC – 8/24/2020

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Live: President Donald J. Trump Speaks at Keep America Great Rally in Charlotte, NC – 3/2/2020

PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP      RIGHT SIDE BROADCASTING   Download Now   Download Now   Download Now 4 Error happened.

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