LIVE: PRESIDENT TRUMP Holds a News Conference – The White House – 7/30/2020

LIVE: President Trump Holds a News Conference 7/30/20   Download Now Download Now Download Now 1 Error happened.

Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of coronavirus cover-up – 7/18/2020

FOX NEWS has an exclusive with Dr LI-MENG YAN – HONG KONG SCIENTIST.  THE FBI is vetting her credentials. AMERICA needs to wake up to who the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are: an existential threat to the U.S…. Read More

CCP China Lashes Out vs. International Pressure to Probe Its Response to COVID19 – 5/21/2020

America and the World cannot go through another pandemic created by Communist China.  What is worse is that China knew the pandemic was out of control and said nothing. China stopped all incoming flights to China but allowed… Read More

RESHARE: TEAM Trump Online with Lara Trump & Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – On 5/2020

Lara Trump successfully tackles issues of importance to AMERICA. Download Now ISSUES: Coronavirus Chinese Communist Party China threatened America with cutting off pharmaceutical exports to the U.S. to “plunge us into the mighty sea of coronavirus” Joe Biden… Read More

President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing – The White House – 4/13/2020

Watch members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing on April 13, 2020. For more information on coronavirus and COVID-19 please visit: For more information on travel alerts please visit:   Download Now… Read More

Official Timeline of the Trump Administration Actions on the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus – 4/2/2020

The Trump campaign released a timeline of  President Trump’s actions on the Chinese coronavirus COVID-19 since early January 2019 through March 31, 2020. Check out the comprehensive timeline below. Please visit for up-to-date information on the U.S. Government’s coronavirus… Read More

Our Commander-In-Chief, President Donald J. Trump Sends OFF USNS COMFORT – 3/28/2020

LIVE: President Trump Speaks at Naval Station Norfolk To Send Off the USNS Comfort, a U.S. Navy Ship Bound for NYC Coronavirus Aid #wwg1wga Remarks by President Trump at Naval Station Norfolk Send-Off for USNS Comfort | Norfolk,… Read More

President Trump and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing – 3/27/2020

President Trump, VP Mike Pence, Members of the coronavirus Task Force hold a news conference – Friday, March 27, 2020 Download Now Download Now 10 Error happened. – BREAKING: President Donald Trump & VP Pence Town Hall – The White House – 3/24/2020

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The President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America – Let’s Do Our Part America to Protect Others – 3/18/2020

These are nationwide guidelines – fifteen (15) days to slow the spread of Coronavirus to yourself and others.  BE CONSIDERATE of your elders. They are the most vulnerable.  WE CAN CERTAINLY sacrifice a little to get AMERICA back… Read More

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