We Love You President Trump and Thank You for Being A Patriot – #maga #kag #wwg1wga – 11/4/2020

THIS VIDEO FROM Breitbart says it all! Download Now The LOVE we do have for our President and First Lady is “Personal”. It’s deep and it is rooted in GOD, Family, Country and  Patriotism!!! President Trump you have… Read More

CCP China Lashes Out vs. International Pressure to Probe Its Response to COVID19 – 5/21/2020

America and the World cannot go through another pandemic created by Communist China.  What is worse is that China knew the pandemic was out of control and said nothing. China stopped all incoming flights to China but allowed… Read More

President Trump’s Letter to the World Health Organization – 5/19/2020

Attached is a self-explanatory letter from President Trump, dated may 18, 2020, to the President of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in Switzerland. President Trump is clearly defining America’s position in our funding of the… Read More

Do you want to see How the Media Lies to Scare you America? Who do they serve? Watch here! 5/6/2020

The Wuhan China created virus has been used by the deep state to take away our rights to roam freely in our own country, destroyed our economy and has taken away our jobs.  These people don’t care about… Read More

LIVE: President Trump and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold News Conference – The White House – 3/29/20

LIVE: President Trump and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold News Conference 3/29/20 So proud of the @USACEHQ, @FEMA, and the Federal Government for the 2,900 bed hospital they built in 4 days (way ahead of schedule)… Read More

Italians sing in unison as they remain in lockdown with COVID-19 – God Bless Italy & the Whole World! – 3/17/2020 Get the latest official information: CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) WHO (World Health Organization)   As Coronavirus continues to spread in Europe, Italy has sealed off entire towns and canceled major events. says that… Read More

President Trump’s White House Website has all the information you need on CoronaVirus – CDC – 3/4/2020

President Trump is keeping America informed, and is working daily on speeding up the vaccine creation to help America and the World. Coronavirus Disease 2019 CDC is responding to the novel coronavirus outbreak. What you should know… Read More