Kamala Harris Punished Undercover Investigator for Uncovering Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Body Parts – 10/7/2020

KAMALA HARRIS attacks an undercover journalist for his content to punish him for what he said:  Planned Parenthood is selling baby body parts.  Selling baby body parts is a crime, reporting about it is not! If Kamala Harris… Read More

LIVE: President Donald Jr. Trump Holds News Conference – 9/16/20

September 16, 2020: Watch Live as President Donald J. Trump holds news conference from The White House. Download Now   0 Error happened.

LIVE: PRESIDENT TRUMP Holds a News Conference – The White House – 7/30/2020

LIVE: President Trump Holds a News Conference 7/30/20   Download Now Download Now Download Now 0 Error happened.

CCP China Lashes Out vs. International Pressure to Probe Its Response to COVID19 – 5/21/2020

America and the World cannot go through another pandemic created by Communist China.  What is worse is that China knew the pandemic was out of control and said nothing. China stopped all incoming flights to China but allowed… Read More

President Trump’s Letter to the World Health Organization – 5/19/2020

Attached is a self-explanatory letter from President Trump, dated may 18, 2020, to the President of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in Switzerland. President Trump is clearly defining America’s position in our funding of the… Read More

Remarks by POTUS Trump During His Meeting with Governors of Colorado and North Dakota -5/13/2020

President Trump is working tirelessly to reopen America and put U.S citizens back to work.  He is talking about reopening schools in the Fall, with certain conditions. President Trump said: I think we’re going to have a tremendous… Read More

PRESIDENT TRUMP Meets with Republican Members of Congress – 5/8/2020 – The White House

President Trump has created the greatest economy in U.S. History and China’s COVID-19 destroyed it.  President Trump vows to reconstruct it and will make it happen.  He will have to start all over again and will build something… Read More

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Press Briefing – The White House – 5/6/2020

White House Briefing with Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany 5/6/20 Download Now Download Now   0 Error happened.

Do you want to see How the Media Lies to Scare you America? Who do they serve? Watch here! 5/6/2020

The Wuhan China created virus has been used by the deep state to take away our rights to roam freely in our own country, destroyed our economy and has taken away our jobs.  These people don’t care about… Read More

How President Trump is Helping Farmers During COVID19—Behind President Trump’s action to protect America’s food supply- 5/1/2020

President Trump is working hard to help our Farmers in securing our food supply and the President explained it during his meeting yesterday in the White House.   I have done more for farmers and ranchers than any… Read More

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