DiBlasio and CUOMO TARGET Jews’/Christians’ RIGHT TO ATTEND RELIGIOUS SERVICES – 10/6/2020

If you go to Church, try to have a Jewish Wedding, you are a threat to public health – Tucker Carlson   WHEN did our rights END under the U.S. Constitution?  Who do DiBlasio/CUOMO think they are?  Andrew… Read More

Who Controls NY State and Going After the NYPD? Democrat Socialists Inspired by De Blasio or Cuomo Rhetoric? Or, Soros and Foreign Nationals Illegally in the U.S.? 2/10/2020

OPINION Police are being targeted.The anti cop tone infecting our city & state is causing bloodshed. Before any public official sends their thoughts & prayers, they should ask themselves how the language & behavior they’ve been tolerating has… Read More

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