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Live: Honoring Late George H. W. Bush – Washington, D.C. – 12/3/2018




Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in the Russia Investigation – The Trump Witch Hunt – 8/3/2017

As we have all heard by now, Mueller has impaneled a grand jury on the Russia investigation.  If I were part of this Administration, I would be in full scale alert.  There will be no fairness in this case.
The White House legal teams stated that they believe that our President is “not” under investigation. There is no more information to give on the part of the Trumps, therefore they are pretty comfortable with it, this includes Donald Trump Jr.  This Grand jury was impaneled in D.C. Fox stated that this investigation will be going on for a long time.  

The leaker, James COMEY, comes out with a Million dollar book deal after leaking CLASSIFIED government information but they want to SMEAR OUR PRESIDENT.  As you all might remember, COMEY LEAKED INFORMATION IN ORDER TO GET A SPECIAL Counsel set up and IT WAS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Where is Comey’s investigation.
Mueller enlists a grand jury in the Russia investigation. What about the pay-to-play financial crimes special council for CLINTON’s money laundering scheme for the Clinton Foundation. 
This is a dirt dump on our President. Hillary Clinton’s carelessness allowed people in Benghazi to be killed, her server was wiped clean thus deleting information, she sold 20% of U.S. Uranium to Russia, and Podesta has contracts with Russia worth millions, Ex-POTUS Obama stated to the Russian President to give him some time because after his second election he would have more flexibility with Russia and the democrats sweep all this under the rug.
WE, the American people, finally have someone removing illegal environmental regulations that allow industry to grow and create jobs but the Democrats want him out. We finally have someone that is closing the borders and restoring law and order and is getting rid of MS-13, a leftover from Obama’s destructive immigration policy.  Obama decimated his own party but no one went after him. He left the Democratic Party in pieces, not a whisper from the heads of the Democratic Party.
Our President is an outsider, he is not a politician. We wanted to drain the swamp and we voted President Trump to do that. D.C. Is a very corrupt swamp and it has to be cleaned out or we will never be able to get anything done for our country.
The problems that are facing our nation have no color. We want jobs, opportunity, better schools. The failure of the government to take care of our people, the politicians have worn us out.
President Trump is doing away with regulations, got us out of the Paris accord, we got the money for the border wall. We have to be selfish for our country. We have to take our country back. We are tired of aliens taking our jobs, we are tired of foreigners having our better jobs. Americans are tired of all of this and we are saying America First, and President Trump is saying America First.
Democrats you sold out to Hollywood, to elites, you sold your soul. Your base can’t buy food, gas, you are poor and hurting. The democrats have to tap the heart of people. You have to bring back economics, the spirit of God. Democrats are not only financially poor, they are spiritually poor and unless they realize that and bring God back into their midst, they will be the party no one wants to join.
We need to fight for our President and we need to fight for America. We need to pray to GOD to protect our beloved President Trump. 
Source: Rosemary Micallef 

Source: Brunel Donald-Kyei

WHO KILLED SETH RICH? – SOLVE CONSPIRACY – 219.1 – CLINTONS Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen


This is quite convoluted and also tells why D.C. is a such a mess, where TRUTH goes to die – the web of lies set up by criminals, Hillary and the foreigners that are allowed in our country through FBI informant programs.  I am trying to make heads or tails out of this puzzle of who killed Seth Richards.  We actually have foreigners (agents, actors) in this country murdering Americans, using shell companies to further their agenda in America and are connected to the Democratic Congress.

What I deduce from this video is that the Clinton’s have brought their criminal, slimy selves to D.C. and turned it into organized crime of the worst kind.  I truly believe that when this web of lies is unravelled, we will find that Hillary Clinton is the loose thread that can unravel the Nation.  We need to investigate this Hillary Clinton because the trail of destruction she has left behind will tell us the tale of what has happened to America since Watergate.  She casts doubt onto others, especially President Trump, with her long-winded, rehearsed speeches that hit all the high, nasty tones with hollow words the liberals like to hear, but never have a shred of evidence to support them. It’s all rhetoric to continue their agenda and to deliver to the their master, Soros.

These liberals are all the same “Losers,” manipulators, liars of the worst kind, that use people to their own advantage and when they become inconvenient, they destroy them.  Listen to this video and the one below. See how convoluted this web of lies is, and how the Clinton’s have allowed foreign actors into America to destroy our American experiment.  She does belong behind bars, TODAY!  The Clinton’s are a threat to our Democracy. “Crooked” is too nice a word for these slimy, cold losers.

Hillary NOTES: 

  • Imran Awn@FarentHold – had car sites and car dealership in Richmond, Virginia and was working with Hillary. Was stealing cars for immigrants to come in and work for Hillary.  (Pakistani Cart Theft Ring) Shipped used cards to Pakistan and India and footprints were left.  They stole data from DNC and set it up in Brooklyn HQ.

  • Alpha Jalloh set up the murder of Seth Rich – Hired MS 13 – was arrested End of  November in NJ-NY regarding the car theft ring.  

  • Awan Brothers – Making $160K in Congress – CIA cars in Falls Church (Shell Companies) EZ Car Buying companies – this is a scandal + Wife

  • Debbie Wassermann Schultz threatened the budget of the Capitol Police if they don’t return the 20+ laptops and 20+ blackberries (cycled through 80 Dems) 


UPCOMING 1:30 PM – 5/15/2017 – Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer – LIVE from the White House


Let see how the media behaves today, if they are respectful and stop talking about Russia and other mantra’s the left has created to cover up the Treason committed by Clinton, Obama, Soros and their ilk. President Trump is too busy to put up with this consistent drumming from the left who are trying to destroy his plans to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.