President Trump Makes a Statement on Veto of S.J. Res. 68 – The White House – 5/6/2020

Democrats want to win 2020 at all cost to America, to U.S. Citizens, to our rights and due process.  They presented our President with a Resolution in order to TIE HIS HANDS when it comes to Iran.  President… Read More

Pam Bondi argues Biden corruption concerns Impeachment trial – 1/27/2020

PAM BONDI, former Florida attorney general, a Trump Impeachment legal team member, submits concerns regarding the Bidens and Ukraine. Download Now Hunter Biden (Fox News) Separately, Pam Bondi, in a methodical presentation earlier Monday at the impeachment trial, took… Read More

Who is Chuck Schumer Talking to On His Empty Chair? Is Schumer Mentally Sane? or Is He Possessed? – 1/22/2020

Who is Chuck Schumer talking to on HIS EMPTY CHAIR?  Is this the Crazy man who is working to impeach our President WITH BASELESS LIES?  This is not a sane person!  He is either mentally Ill or possessed?… Read More

Pelosi Announces Seven Managers for Senate Trial – 1/15/20202

Let me present you the Democrats Fake News, Illegal, Unconstitutional Impeachment. With claims of prayers for the welfare of the President, Nancy Pelosi brings her circus tent articles of impeachment to the Senate. Senate Republican Majority will need… Read More

Want to Hear What Iranians Are Really Saying About President Trump and His Courage? – 1/8/2020 – #IraniansDetestSoleimani #EverybodyCalmDown

Don’t believe Globalist and Liar Nancy Pelosi, or Any foreign financed Democrat or RINO.  They want to put America in chains.  They are doing the work for those who are paying them to destroy America and impeach President… Read More

New Gingrich Asserts that Democrats Claims Are Not for an Impeachment…It is a coup d’etat – 9/30/2019

HERE IS A VIDEO FROM NEWT GINGRICH – He asserts that Democrats’ claims are not for an Impeachment.  It is a legislative coup d’etat.  Please click below.

Ungrateful Democrats MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their Crimes – THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW – President Trump Releases “Telephone conversation with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine” – (NO QUID PRO QUO) – 9/25/2019

Without Evidence, WITHOUT THE TRANSCRIPT YESTERDAY or any details, DEMOCRATS announced that they launched an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Fake News and Corrupt Reporters are aiding and abetting the left. Speaker Pelosi waited to announce an impeachment… Read More

Corey Lewandowski Questioned by ANGRY Members of Democrat House Judiciary Committee – Same Questions Asked and Answered Before – WASHINGTON, DC – 9/17/2019

YESTERDAY WAS a rerun of prior hearings by the Democrats House Judiciary Committee.  Committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler begins his line of questioning (angry):  Mark Levin was livid about the whole thing:    “That’s the chairman of the House Judiciary… Read More

President Trump is Still at the White House During the Christmas Season Waiting for the Vacationing Democrats to Get Serious – Return & Work with POTUS TRUMP & Reopen the Government!

Happy New Year 2019! Thank you for your support! God Bless You All!

President Trump’s Weekly Address – Senate Democrats Are Blocking talented Men’s and Women’s Nominations – Also Blocking Border Security – The White House – 6/2/2018

SENATE DEMOCRATS BLOCK TRUMP NOMINATIONS FOR OVER A YEAR – They don’t want to grant this President his own cabinet and Do Not Care about National Security!